What You Should Know About Bodybuilding

Lose Belly Fat FastDuring our stay at home after the pandemic, many of us made it a goal to improve ourselves in different areas. Some of us chose meditation to return to ourselves, while others chose to add movement to our lives and start sports.

Among those who started sports, the percentage of those who choose bodybuilding is quite high. If you are one of those who decide to bodybuilding, this is our content for you! We have put together what you need to know before starting bodybuilding exercises. Continue reading “What You Should Know About Bodybuilding”

The caffeine in bodybuilding

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug and stimulant, we must clarify that it is a legal drug. By popular, has always discouraged consumption, but bear in mind that we use.

Normally, caffeine is consumed by coffee or energy drinks. The typically consume those who need caffeine to wake up to go to work or to study more concentrated.

It also has a sports purpose, most athletes know its advantages, but there are. Bodybuilding caffeine helps the contraction of certain muscle fibers. On the contrary, caffeine impairs blood pressure increasing it. Continue reading “The caffeine in bodybuilding”

Vegetarian diet for bodybuilding

You know, bodybuilding is part lifting weights and nutrition part. Now if you wonder if vegetarians, getting no animal protein can do yes, and here’s the proof. Then we’ll show you a plan a week of a vegetarian diet for bodybuilding.

Day One

  • Breakfast – Wholegrain cereals with soy milk or rice, plus a piece of fruit.
  • Collation – A vegan bar more coconut water or vegetarian protein powder.
  • Lunch – Slices of apple, banana and orange, almond milk, hemp seeds, chocolate vegetarian. Vegetarian protein powder.
  • Collation – A piece of fruit and a handful of peanuts.
  • Dinner – 3 cups green vegetables, half a cup of broccoli, half cup of peas, a quarter avocado, olive oil, ginger and lemon juice. Continue reading “Vegetarian diet for bodybuilding”

Bodybuilding-get a perfect body

perfect bodyThe cult of the body today cuts across all sectors and social segments. Aesthetic issue, risking ┬┐in health ?. In the halls of sporting and social facilities, known as gyms, more and more women toning and flexing their muscles, stimulating the senses and spirit.

The exercise focused on weight and a diet rich in protein-and egg-chicken, rice and pasta-carbohydrate-, fat and lots of water, are the fuel to get the body of a true body builder.
Continue reading “Bodybuilding-get a perfect body”

Fast Weight Lose: You Must Perform the Proper Exercises

Weight LoseFast weight lose-Every Fatty people who in trying to lose weight, make all kinds of exercises without measure, and not sure he really used to lose weight.

The truth is that the ideal should be a combination of exercises. In a proper routine thinning should include both aerobic exercise (running, jumping, cycling) and strength or anaerobic exercise (lifting weights). The combination of both can produce great results. Continue reading “Fast Weight Lose: You Must Perform the Proper Exercises”