Where do you store Body Fat ?

Slim figureIn this article you will learn where body fat accumulates in your body and how to get rid of it in a healthy and easy way by eating low carbohydrates.

  1. Body Fat Accumulation Caused by Improper Diet

This type of overweight is the most common worldwide. The fat is spread over the entire upper body. It is caused by eating too much and processed foods. Continue reading “Where do you store Body Fat ?”

Does Body Fat Really Make You Fatty?

Does Fat Really Make You FattyBody fat and fats as nutrients are not the same and the latter are not responsible for the former. Nevertheless, fat is the most energetic nutrient. On the one hand, this provides a lot of power – but with excessive enjoyment and the wrong composition of the fats, it can also lead to bacon loops.

However, it is also true that your body needs a certain amount of fat to sustain vital body functions. In addition, fat from the body bunker well and requires less space than, for example, carbohydrate compounds. Fats consist of fatty acids, distinguishing between saturated (bad) and unsaturated (good) fatty acids. Continue reading “Does Body Fat Really Make You Fatty?”

Man and women who eat little and extremely body fat

body fatObesity is a disease characterized by excess body fat, the same can be diagnosed by calculating the Body Mass Index, a simple formula which is calculated based on the weight and height of each person. While body mass index is higher, more fat a person has.

┬áNo doubt, the main causes of concern to the development of obesity are negative habits such as poor diet and physical inactivity, though, David B. Allison (prominent obesity researcher) adds an interesting fact: “Approximately 50-70% of variation in body mass index (BMI) is attributable to genetic differences. Continue reading “Man and women who eat little and extremely body fat”

How do you inferior your body fat fraction?

Lose body fatBody fat is unattractive and not good for your health also. If you want to reduce your body fat fraction, it is useful to first find out how much fat is. Health professionals determine if a person is weight, normal, overweight, obese or extremely obese by their body mass index (BMI).
Weight and BMI
No need to go to the gym to find your BMI. You can easily find online simply by entering your height and weight. A number will appear with your computer that tells you whether BMI is considered overweight or obese. Adults with normal weight have a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9. A BMI over 25 is considered overweight, and one of 30 or more is obese. This will give you a good idea of the fraction of fat in your body and how much weight loss you need.
Continue reading “How do you inferior your body fat fraction?”

Tips – Effective in eliminating body fat

Luckily many people are already realizing that is not the same weight loss shed body fat. To be healthy, to have a healthy body weight it is important to focus not on weight loss but on improving your numbers by reducing your body fat percentage. Not overweight what hurts you, but an excess of fat which can reach many unwanted diseases and medical conditions.

The good news is that if you concentrate on reducing your fat levels in the body also will achieve weight loss, but this time the way we promote in this blog, healthy. Similarly, to the extent that a percentage of body fat is lower, the greater the muscle definitions have. That is an interesting plus. Continue reading “Tips – Effective in eliminating body fat”