That is called Operation Bikini

Bikini dietrLots of treatments perform by women, one of the most accepted is called Operation Bikini, these words are extensively used especially in Europe, but that is what this alleged operation bikini is just used to refer to what women do before the summer to keep fit, diet or exercise and all behavior to look very nice on the beach with your bikini.

The operation takes about 3 months bikini, and is the time that women have to get ready for the summer and get fit and remove all have aesthetic error such as excess weight, cellulite, stretch marks, etc., to perform Operation Bikini them follow a series of beauty tips, which help them lose weight and look fit.
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Bikini Diet

DietIt became popular through an American actress and was supported by a book that became a bestseller.
Indicated to be performed in a seven-day period in which losses promise weight important: up to five kilos ! … What seven days?
This diet is very low in calories but rich in micro nutrients because it is based, almost entirely, in salads .
Is dangerous because if carried out, for example, during periods of menstruation, because the losses of iron are not reset with this type of feeding.
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