Exercise first – belly breathing

breathing exerciseThe breath of the lower part of the abdomen is the most effective breathing exercises. I’m not saying go to the belly breathing once and for all, but to use it as an exercise and put in your daily diet for about ten minutes of this breathing – it is real and useful. It can be performed, and sitting at a computer or standing at the booth. Continue reading “Exercise first – belly breathing”

Man and women who eat little and extremely body fat

body fatObesity is a disease characterized by excess body fat, the same can be diagnosed by calculating the Body Mass Index, a simple formula which is calculated based on the weight and height of each person. While body mass index is higher, more fat a person has.

 No doubt, the main causes of concern to the development of obesity are negative habits such as poor diet and physical inactivity, though, David B. Allison (prominent obesity researcher) adds an interesting fact: “Approximately 50-70% of variation in body mass index (BMI) is attributable to genetic differences. Continue reading “Man and women who eat little and extremely body fat”

How to remove belly fat after giving birth

belly fatAfter the birth for a few weeks, and your figure does not wish to return to their former size?  Particularly concerned about the flabby, saggy stomach, which does not want to shrink.  Of course, post-partum recovery will take time, and you understand that.  But who could tell how to remove belly fat after giving birth to quickly return to its former shape the body?  After a precious newborn baby, it’s often the first thing that has recently given birth to thoughts of a young mother.  There are exercises to help you regain the elasticity of the abdominal muscles in a relatively short period of time. Continue reading “How to remove belly fat after giving birth”

Belly Dancing for Weight Loss

slim tipsBelly dancing helps to lose weight is exactly the same as any other type of physical activity. For example, if you are jogging, you would not be surprised that you’re about to lose weight? Belly dance for completion is a great way to give your body more seductive form, because within hours of training 2-3 times a week, your body will receive the active load.
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Why the beer belly is growing?

belly is growingWhy men like women do not drink this foamy drink? Drink, of course, and to be honest, too fat. Fat is stored in the typical woman’s place- the hips, breasts and buttocks. The abdomen is already suffering in the least. But the stronger sex is to get fat belly. Continue reading “Why the beer belly is growing?”

Why growing belly in men?

growing belly in menEvery men may be also associated with hormonal disorders, which are often accompanied by infertility and impotence. Well, or a decrease of sexual power. But not in the case of some hormones. The reason that the stomach is growing, there may be some other disease. Continue reading “Why growing belly in men?”

Why growing belly in women?

Belly shapeIts a very difficult thing about Female body. Every month there are cyclical changes that may culminate in pregnancy and the birth of a new man. Manages the process of the whole army of the endocrine glands, united in the endocrine system.

And while it’s running smoothly, if wound watches, a woman has a beautiful body shape. But we need only one part of the mechanism fail, and the poor lady fall down any adversity, apparently very often manifest obesity. Under what diseases and why growing belly in women?
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Flat stomach quickly

Shape stomachConsuming certain herbal teas can make a diet to remove weight and have a flat stomach. Drinking red tea, accelerate the metabolic rate and burn fats deposited in the waist. This way, you eliminate weight and flatten your belly.

Other remedy for losing weight fast is the focus. This seaweed has iodine, a mineral that stimulates the thyroid gland to increase fat metabolism and get energy.
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What is good to lower stomach?

lower stomachBest for reducing abdominal fat is a diet sufficient and adequate. The abdominals are not effective for weight lose, only to tone the abdominal level, but do not eliminate fat.

It tends to be the case of thin people who however has a prominent belly. This is due to a chronic contraction of the lumbar muscles causing a curvature exaggerated with consequent antagonists, in this case, the abdominal muscle flaccidity.
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