Why is My Belly So Big?

Healthy Life and FitnessIn our era of rich material life, many of us basically do not need to do physical activity. Although this is a relatively happy thing, it also has a bad side.

Just such a problem, due to the abundance of material life and the reduction of physical activity, many of us are beginning to become fatter and fatter on the body. Continue reading “Why is My Belly So Big?”

Recipe for Burning Belly Fat

Energy DietYou have probably tried different diets and forms of exercise to burn belly fat. Even if you manage to lose weight, it is always the belly fat that sticks and refuses to disappear. Some foods and diets cause bloating and the body likes to store fat on the stomach, but there are different ways to reduce belly fat.

With age, the fat tends to accumulate on the stomach. Especially in women after 40. Belly fat is among the last to disappear when you start to lose weight and also the most difficult. Continue reading “Recipe for Burning Belly Fat”

Best Exercises for Belly Fat

  1. Slim figureLess belly fat thanks to planks

According to Harvard, planks are among the best exercises for defining abs. Not only does planking burn fat, it also helps build muscle in the abdomen, shoulders and back. To do this, you need to get into a push-up position (with your arms straight), keep your back straight, and keep your shoulders above your wrists. At least 3 set with 30-second intervals. (How to Reduce Belly Fat from 30) Continue reading “Best Exercises for Belly Fat”

7 Reasons You Just Can’t Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat

Lose WeightBelly fat, of all things, prefers to cling to the body. Have you tried everything yet? Here are a few reasons why it might not have worked out yet

It should be nice and flat and taut. The desire for a washboard abs is firm. Unfortunately, we can’t tell our body which parts to lose weight first, but there are ways to increase fat burning. But before that, the reason must be found why losing weight on the stomach just doesn’t work. Here are a few common mistakes: Continue reading “7 Reasons You Just Can’t Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat”

5 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat

5 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Your Belly FatYou are finally tired of your Lifebuoys around the stomach and you finally want shamelessly in a bikini to the beach? Then you should take our three helpful tips against belly fat to heart.

Belly fat is considered to be particularly difficult to get rid of at these fat stores are broken down in most women’s last. For the annoying fat accumulation is usually responsible for lack of exercise and poor nutrition. With these tips you are well on your way to becoming a fat-free figure.

Tip 1: Fight with movement against the belly fat

Although it would be very nice: but nothing comes from nothing. Getting rid of belly fat without doing sports is impossible. Still, you do not have to record anything. Just sit on the stairs instead of the elevator, go jogging and incorporate a few sets of sit-ups in your evening program. Continue reading “5 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat”

Tips for eliminating belly fat

 belly fatAre you can sad of having too much abdominal fat?. For many abdominal fat is a big problem. Not only aesthetically ugly, but studies have shown that abdominal fat is probably the most dangerous type of body fat.

The best way to eliminate belly fat in a fast and healthy is through a combination of smart eating and regular exercise. Keep the diet tips presented below you and soon you will see it melt your belly fat, and in turn you will feel much better.

Continue reading “Tips for eliminating belly fat”

What cardiovascular exercise to eliminate belly fat?

fitnessThe exercises to remove belly fat you will need a physically powerful desire, a little time and you will be able to show off a beautiful belly soon, and most prominently – without costly. So what are the exercises can remove belly fat? These exercises are exercises for the press and a hoop. With the hoop you will warm up the muscles on his stomach and start accelerating blood circulation, and as a result the metabolism in the skin and muscles. The hoop will help you warm up for more serious abdominal exercises.

These exercises in the complex can be for a short time to remove belly fat:-

Abdominal exercises in the abdominal area are divided into three types. First for the muscles of the upper press, the second – for the bottom, and the third to the lateral abdominal muscles. It is best to exercise to remove the stomach before breakfast or three hours after eating. Continue reading “What cardiovascular exercise to eliminate belly fat?”

How to remove belly fat after giving birth

belly fatAfter the birth for a few weeks, and your figure does not wish to return to their former size?  Particularly concerned about the flabby, saggy stomach, which does not want to shrink.  Of course, post-partum recovery will take time, and you understand that.  But who could tell how to remove belly fat after giving birth to quickly return to its former shape the body?  After a precious newborn baby, it’s often the first thing that has recently given birth to thoughts of a young mother.  There are exercises to help you regain the elasticity of the abdominal muscles in a relatively short period of time. Continue reading “How to remove belly fat after giving birth”

Belly Fat and Health Consequences

Belly fat Obesity and overweight only as an aesthetic problem is an error, as it is much more than that. In a high percentage of people suffering from this disease, the fat is concentrated in the abdomen, which brings great health consequences.

Obesity and overweight

Unfortunately it takes real awareness of the concerns that exist behind a person with obesity, this disease is commonly associated with a cosmetic issue while not bad, is not the most important. Continue reading “Belly Fat and Health Consequences”

Best fat loss and weight loss programs

weight lossWeight lose trouble becomes more genuine. The reason for this is certainly our lifestyle. Hormonal disorders are the causes of obesity. It is always a problem to have more weight. Overweight people are always trying to fight the disease. New methods of weight loss and fat loss designed and developed.

The fat loss programs and better weight loss include the complex actions that are focused on reducing food and increase physical activity that stimulates the rapid loss of body fat and weight loss.
Continue reading “Best fat loss and weight loss programs”