Basic for anyone who wants to go jogging

These points show you then be followed by both professionals and beginners and anyone in between. It’s the basics you need to run out.

Warming at the beginning / end Cool
Heat and cool at first end, despite what it may seem tedious, it is essential.

Heat to run is to start more slowly at first, a bit of jogging, some jumps and some small stretches, although the latter is best done during the cooling period when your muscles are warm and more flexible. The goal is to prepare a heating body for what follows. You’ll get maximum efficiency and feel an energy boost. Continue reading “Basic for anyone who wants to go jogging”

Ten basic steps to lose weight ten kilos

lose weight Get fit and your body is the envy of the pool and the beach this summer? Notes and get going!

Time to look Do not you dare palm because you left the care of your body waiting until the last minute, have you hidden during the winter under thick layers of clothing?
You’re on time! You know what to do if you want to lose weight? Takes note of the 10 obligations you must follow to the letter from today and you will achieve down to 10 kilos … And enjoy the summer!
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Strength exercises are basic to remove weight

weight lose exercisesResistance exercises are those that will increase the physical capacity through conducting a series of exercises such as walking or running, swimming, cycling, table tennis or dancing.

It was found that resistance exercises are excellent for losing weight. This type of activity generates a series of changes in hormones that will contribute to weight loss.

Among the most important changes include decreased insulin levels that will contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body is minimal.
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Basic rules for losing weight

weight loseWeight loss is required to change the habits of both food as a way of life we must also consider some important points that we not only make you look better with a figure, but also providing them with adequate health quality of life.

The first thing to consider is changing our daily activities to increase our routine a few minutes of exercise a day, sport is essential if you want to lose weight, like the consumption of natural water and is 2 to 3 liters per day.
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