How to take away the body fluids

body fluidsIn numerous occasions we want to lose and do not know how, very easily by removing toxins and fluids in our body, we not only accumulated fluids but also swell causing some health problems, and are one of the main causes of stretch marks and famous fat in the skin however this time we will give you a beauty trick that will last us remove fluid in a very simple and easy.

One problem that makes us keep liquids is poor diet, foods high in fat and salt, which is why we must remove the salt from our meals, we can flavor with other ingredients such as salt, lemon, vinegar and avoid Thus, the salt, which not only causes us to fluid accumulation but also causes us health problems like high blood pressure and overweight.
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Keep away from our children life form overweight

children dietA fat study by the Foundation Thao between 18,000 children from 3 to 12 years. The Foundation, whose president is Henri Garcia, promotes programs to avoid childhood obesity by adopting healthy habits. To do this, try to mentalist parents and professionals who are not on the importance of the problem. According to a spokesman for the Foundation Thao, the situation is alarming in the earliest ages.

Henri Garcia states that “excess weight is a threat to the future health of our children.” But the problems do not stay there. Although we question, and rightly so, certain aesthetic values of our society, and particularly the glorification of thinness, the fact remains that are present, and our children are immersed in them beyond repair, like it or not.
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