The remedies and foods to avoid!

healthy foodThat’s how you start to shun garlic, onion, spices, leeks, weighty foods difficult to digest but also much protein as meat and cheese too fat such as Gorgonzola.

Regrettably, bad breath is a very common irritation among people, who are increasingly difficult and dealing with natural remedies to avert it.

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Mistakes to avoid when you are on a diet

DietGym show people how you can weight lose, there are things you should know before you start the classic diet on Monday.  

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How to avoid germs at the gym

the gymThe gym can be several things at once: a means to lose weight, to exercise ourselves a place or a space to find friends with common interests and healthy living. But besides all this, a gym can be a center of germs and bacteria.

Without actually becoming paranoid of diseases, it is necessary to protect our health by preventing infections by keeping a few simple rules when entering a gym.
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How to Avoid Losing Height with age

 Losing Height The United States found that people can avoid losing stature to perform moderate aerobic activities constantly.

They studied more than 1,000 people, and those in charge of the investigation made the discovery that people who exercised consistently lost over the years only half the height that people who did not do any exercise. These people were only 2.6 cm., And people who did not do any exercise lost 5.5 cm.
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How to avoid regaining weight?

avoid weightWomen go on a diet at least once a year. Unfortunately he lost weight becomes so hard to catch because of the lack of control with what we eat.

The statistics speak of a glaring way. In our country, just under 50% we interpret overweight and 30% is not comfortable with those extra kilos. Of those who are overweight believe that almost 60% have taken steps to overcome the overweight, either through diet, physical exercise or other methods.
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Lose Weight Tips to Avoid Overeating when Eating out

Lose Weight As eating out is part of our society, the trouble is that we tend to overeat when eating at restaurants. In fact studies show that people consume about 230 extra calories a day eating out, which should not especially if you’re watching your weight.

As it is not feasible to simply advise people not to eat out, and neither is, say that only eat low-calorie options, because people do not go out to eat steamed vegetables, but go out to eat something that does not eat at home.

For this reason, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, created a strategy they call conscious eating in restaurants, which is to teach people to pay close attention to what they eat and how they feel, with the goal to be satisfied with smaller portions and stop eating before you feel too full. Continue reading “Lose Weight Tips to Avoid Overeating when Eating out”