Anti cellulite body wrap

body wrapA lot of different ways and procedures to maintain your body beauty. One of the most popular treatments is currently wrapping. How to spend wrap and how it works? And will reveal the secret of beauty. Wrapping is a set of procedures for therapy. Now this procedure is undergoing a boom thanks to the cult of ideal forms.

First of all, wrap well to fight cellulite. The result is visible with the naked eye after the first session, and that this effect did the procedure wraps so popular. Many believe that this goes away excess fat, guilty in the formation of orange peel, but this is not the case. Destroy fat wrapping can not do. Continue reading “Anti cellulite body wrap”

The new anti-cellulite diet

Weight loseTargeted exercises, treatments and procedures alone are not enough if they are not associated with a change in eating habits. One of the best allies to fight the orange peel skin cellulite laws and to improve the appearance and health of the legs is the correct diet. The skin called floating mattress’ says Prof.

Pierluigi Rossi – is not only the result of hormonal changes, heredity, lack of exercise or poor circulation problems. When the fat gets the upper hand on lean muscle mass, the Overall the balance of functional and aesthetic of the legs are in crisis the return of blood and lymph from the foot to the heart becomes difficult and the stagnation of water and sap in the tissues of the lower limbs appear to be visible forming cellulite. Continue reading “The new anti-cellulite diet”

Anti cellulite body wrap at home for weight loss

weight tipsFormula intended for anti cellulite bath Partially cup of sea salt, 3 drops of orange oil, 4 drops of rosemary oil, 2 drops of oil of fennel add water to the bathroom by method of an enjoyable temperature. Indispensable oils may be per-diluted little amount of milk. Then the oil will not float on the water droplets and smooth if you drop on your skin, it will not be irritation to the skin, essential oil in its pure form can reason irritation. This bath helps to speed up metabolism and improves mood.

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