How to keep the weight from age after fourty

 weight from age after fourtyWhy every passing year felt that it costs slimmer and maintain ideal weight? The main motive is the loss of muscle gathering that occurs over the years, especially in the female body. To stop this process, it is vital to exercise the muscles doing sports.

It is proven that, at equal weight, a beefy body resting-yet-burnt little more energy than other muscular, because muscle mass, unlike fat, is a highly active tissue from an energy standpoint. So, join live out exercises that help you lose weight and tone your muscles. Continue reading “How to keep the weight from age after fourty”

The right diet depends on the age

The right diet fat depends on the age. Are hormones and their receptors to drive the fat deposits in various parts of the body fat.

Around 40 years, for example, the waist tends to widen due to stress, over 50 years the silhouette is likely to become increasingly on apple, with the upper part of the body well marked. It is therefore necessary to adapt the diet to the body’s biochemistry, age by age.

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What is it and how does the raw diet

DietDiet Foods that help you fight dehydration. This trend pleasure of tasting fruits and vegetables is in the U.S. and now also in Italy.

But it has pros and cons. It is based, as the name suggests, the fact that you eat mainly foods not manipulated and altered by the heat, which makes losing the nutritional quality of foods, see vitamins, minerals, enzymes.

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The diet for slow metabolism

dietEvery man and women overweight is the fault of my metabolism! This is the most frequent among the excuses that women use to justify the extra pounds, says the prof. Piercing Ross, medical specialist in Food Science and Preventive Medicine. In fact, the complex chemical reactions that occur in our body is regulated by several factors: age, sex, and muscle mass in the body.

But if we exclude hormonal dysfunction, individual variations in metabolism are limited. Metabolism is slow, rather, a consequence of overweight and not the cause. Continue reading “The diet for slow metabolism”

Simple diet tips for slim

DietsDriven by remorse for the sins of the throat to which it is assigned, but also by the desire to once again be able to wear that pair of pants at the bottom of the cabinet abandoned because become all too tight, we begin bravely forcing us to put ourselves on a diet most of the time to follow a diet too restrictive.

The illusion of weight loss

This behavior may initially give us some small results, unfortunately due to the loss of lean body mass, then muscles, and not fat mass, in practice, the initial weight loss will be a consequence of a condition of malnutrition due to a power too rigid. Continue reading “Simple diet tips for slim”

How to lose weight with diet tips

DietsScars dale Medical Diet is characterized by a strong reduction of carbohydrates, fats and sugars, and an increase in protein and carbohydrates of vegetable origin;

The maintenance diet is rather similar to the first but with a greater intake of carbohydrates and fats

By following this diet you will achieve slimming even half a pound a day but you will need to abide by a set of rules in order not to frustrate the final result: Continue reading “How to lose weight with diet tips”

Fitness at Any Age

Fitness bodyIron is one of the essential minerals in our food . It carries oxygen from the lungs to all body cells and fitness, and is an important element of many proteins of bone.

But if fundamental for all people, even more so for pregnant women. Lentils, as one of the iron-rich foods, become the best ally in power during this stage of life of women.

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How to Avoid Losing Height with age

 Losing Height The United States found that people can avoid losing stature to perform moderate aerobic activities constantly.

They studied more than 1,000 people, and those in charge of the investigation made the discovery that people who exercised consistently lost over the years only half the height that people who did not do any exercise. These people were only 2.6 cm., And people who did not do any exercise lost 5.5 cm.
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Weight loss women in this age

DietAll of a woman, which stepped the 45-year mark. At this age, as in youth, women want men to circle the head and look brilliant on envy of her friends.

And perhaps most importantly, that darken the mood a woman – a little plump figure, which is not easy to bring back to normal, but you can still try.

Why is the woman’s fullness?
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Opposed to age diet

DietAge is one of the problems facing all women after 35 years and you start seeing the first signs of old age, comes the gray hair and the first wrinkle and expression lines, but with some Beauty tips and behavior can delay aging.

One of the most significant tips is to eat a diet with antioxidant nutrients, one of the most recommended is red tea, eating a cup of red tea a day help to retard oxidation of the skin, it is also important to consume foods beta carotene and antioxidants such as carrots, pumpkins, broccoli, and hydrate your body well with two liters of water per day.
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