Exercises to tighten the abdomen and sides

Exercises to tighten the abdomenIn tightening the abdomen and sides Exercise helps to fix not only the press, but the body and hands, and a few involve the muscles of the legs.

Double twist

Lie on the back, lift the bent leg at a right angle so that the calves are parallel to the floor. Put her hands behind her head on the back of the head, elbows breed apart. Breathe. On the exhale, leaving the floor at first the head, neck and shoulder blade, and then the priest. Detained in this position for a few seconds and return to the original, then we perform the same movement but in the reverse order. Continue reading “Exercises to tighten the abdomen and sides”

Exercises for your abdomen like Lady Gaga

No need to be a pop star for a envy abdomen. Harley Pasternak, personal trainer singer revealed to the publication Us Weekly what makes gaga exercises to look amazing.

1. Crunch bicycle. Harley said Gaga practiced bicycle crunches because it strengthens your torso in all directions. Continue reading “Exercises for your abdomen like Lady Gaga”

How to lose fat from the abdomen through exercises

belly exercisesThe decision to remove fat in the abdomen is taken.  It remains to choose the way in which this can be done.  We are not going to talk about diets, liposuction, massage belts, muscle stimulator and miracle creams that if no harm to health, it is very palpable hit on the budget.  There is another, more reliable way than the figure of their dreams.  It is a combination of proper nutrition (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. + rejection of fast food and sweets) to the strengthening of the abdominal muscles. Continue reading “How to lose fat from the abdomen through exercises”

How to lose fat from the abdomen

 abdomenIf not impossible to find someone quite satisfied with their appearance, and above all the figure. And as for the beautiful half of humanity extra pounds can become a real nightmare. Thus for publicly expressed a desire to lose weight is usually hidden to answer the most “sick” question – how to lose fat from the belly and regain his harmony. After all, the belly and thighs plus gutter with fat in the first place Continue reading “How to lose fat from the abdomen”

Five plants to reduce waist and abdomen

abdomenEvery human body can benefit the action of organic substances that promote weight loss, through different ways. You can narrow waist and abdomen, and can also chickenhearted and lose fat. So, this time I will present five plants that can give you these properties.

You may already know some herbs that can help you lose fat and chickenhearted like chamomile plant , the fucus or dandelion plant , among others.

But these plants, I’ll introduce another 5 plants that can also help you reduce your waist and abdomen.
Continue reading “Five plants to reduce waist and abdomen”