Diet pasta 2 kilos per week

pasta dietPasta or dough with flour should be removed in any weight loss diet, but many studies find that the dough is not fattening but fatty sauces that accompany it.

With this diet you can lose weight satiating than 2 kg per week depending on each agency and physical activity is performed.

– Non-alcoholic drinks, sugary powder to prepare, soda, soft light.
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How to lose weight two kilos in 3 days

Weight loseSo many diets to lose weight quickly, but you might like to know, how to lose weight 2 kilos in three days. This diet will allow you to eliminate two kilos of excess fluid in your body for three days after, start a diet to lose fat deposits.

The diet to lose two kilos in 3 days is:

Day 1
Breakfast: 1 cup orange juice, 1 slice of bread with 1 tsp cheese spread diet.
Mid Morning: 1 carrot.
Lunch: homemade vegetable soup, salad (all you want) of broccoli, artichoke , tomato and beetroot, 1 serving of fruit salad . Continue reading “How to lose weight two kilos in 3 days”