Lemon Diet

lemon DIETThe lemon diet but a slimming diet is considered a type of fasting. This detoxifying regime also known as Master Cleanse diet, by its English name and its author was Stanley.
The scheme was made known to the early forties, in the book entitled Lose weight get more energy and be happier in 10 Days by Peter.

The lemon diet is a drastic plan. It consists of 10 days drinking only lemonade is prepared with water, the juice of fresh lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Continue reading “Lemon Diet”

Clinic Diet

Clinic dietThe Clinic diet is listed as one of the most popular diets in the world. Includes a 50% protein that belongs to the group of high protein diets.

By its name is believed to be sponsored by the prestigious American Mayo Clinic, but not, since that entity has denied being linked to this regime and has advised on numerous occasions, as some call it false Clinic diet Mayo. Continue reading “Clinic Diet”

Mayo Clinic Diet

Clinic dietThe weekly menu at the Mayo Clinic diet is as follows:
• Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar and sweetener, 2 boiled eggs, 1 orange
• Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, a salad without oil and apple cider vinegar, coffee or tea without sugar.
• Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 1 tomato, oil and apple cider vinegar, coffee or tea without sugar. Continue reading “Mayo Clinic Diet”

Beverly Hills Diet

Hills DietThe plan three weeks of the Beverly Hills diet. Remember to consult with your doctor before starting this or any other diet and to weigh the pros and cons of the system you choose to lose weight.
FIRST WEEK, Beverly Hills Diet
• Monday: Morning and afternoon: pineapple. On the night: 2 bananas (bananas). Continue reading “Beverly Hills Diet”

A Diet But has many special help.

A Diet The method is not a diet without protein shakes to replace meals help you lose weight because they are effective in controlling anxiety attacks and can be used by anyone even to replace junk food.

Dr. Salomon recommends a long list of doctors around the world that can support even for simplicity, Not A Diet But you can go without medical supervision. Continue reading “A Diet But has many special help.”

Diet Pronokal method

Pronokal methodThe method is a treatment weight loss based on a protein diet. That is getting the weight loss by reducing fat and sugar, but keeps the right amount of protein that the body needs to perform its vital functions.
This method was created in 1971 and was approved in 1973. Since then they have treated more than 30 million patients worldwide with this custom method of weight loss under medical supervision. Continue reading “Diet Pronokal method”

The Diet of Sex

The DietSex diet comes with a prize of gift and a delicious menu and low in calories, you have to follow the exercise plan more enjoyable to practice two. This scheme is a real ecstasy and thins over!
The diet of sex has two advantages you can practice as long as you like (or what you drop) and not only a perfect diet to cut calories but a complete exercise for whole body. Continue reading “The Diet of Sex”

Hollywood Diet

Hollywood, DietHollywood stars is famous for producing various weight loss diets that celebrities use to thin and attractive retained as required by their work.
This is causing anger magic formula and that the stars are responsible for in fashion. These include: the 5-Factor Diet, diet 48 hours, Zone diet, among others.
Among the Hollywood diets also have the Hollywood Diet, with which you can lose 7 to 8 kilos in 18 days, of which 5 kilos lost in the first week. Continue reading “Hollywood Diet”

Weight loss success

Weight loss can often seem simple, but everything is complicated when we want to successfully lose weight lose weight What is success? Slimming successfully is get into the dress size 36 in a week? Or is your body get used to living with a broccoli and chicken breast half? No loss success is to achieve our ideal weight in a healthy, enjoying our food and without suffering, in order to maintain weight loss longer. Continue reading “Weight loss success”

Maintenance Schedule Diet

Weight loss, dietThe program for Staying Slim (PMD) or maintenance plan for the Schedule diet, is the continuation of the first phase of the Schedule diet for two weeks.

The Schedule maintenance plan is aimed at people who really need to lose more kilos. This program offers a list of foods to choose much larger, with many people continue to lose weight. If at the end of two weeks to Stay Slim Program needs to lose more kilos, you can go for two weeks at the first stage of the Schedule diet .
Continue reading “Maintenance Schedule Diet”