The ABS Diet

dietThe abs diet, also known as ABS diet is a basic guide to strength training, good nutrition and exercise. While pretending to be something new, is based on old and effective principles that many athletes have followed for years.
The abs diet or diet ABS, can lose weight and improve overall conditioning, if followed correctly. This scheme focuses on eating healthy food in six meals a day diet belly first.
The abs diet or diet ABS, uses the power of various foods, these are:
• Almonds and other nuts
• Beans (beans) and pulses (legumes) Continue reading “The ABS Diet”

The method of Dukan diet

Dukan dietThe French physician Pierre Dukan, for over ten years. This regime has been a boom in France, where he claims to have helped millions of Frenchmen to lose weight. The Dukan method is embodied in the famous book I can not lose weight, which has joined the list of the most read, and has appeared in many fashion magazines. The Dukan diet method or a weight loss regime that every day is gaining more followers, despite the warnings of experts in nutrition.

This is the latest miracle diet, which have already signed several celebrities, including: Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton, Gisele Bunched. The Dukan diet method or based on a low-carbohydrate and high protein intake (protein diet), plus it promotes the consumption of natural fats and urges to drink plenty of water and exercise.
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Your health and your diet?

 your dietWe can lose inches from waist morning and be thinner for the next week. It seems as normal to want to lose weight yesterday, regardless of the risks this poses to health.
This type of rapid weight loss leads to wrong eating habits to acquire, and a lifestyle almost impossible to follow or do you think you can only eat chicken for the rest of your days? Every year in summer and operation bikini door on everyone, new diets that may pose a health hazard, since not all are reliable or healthy. The famous miracle diets tell us that both friends and neighbors, often lack a scientific basis and can cause imbalances in the body by abuse of any food group or a specific food. Continue reading “Your health and your diet?”

Diet volume

DietThe Volume diet whose main feature is being able to eat without having to restrict the quantities contained in a ranking of healthy diets prepared by experts in nutrition and health.
The Volume diet breaks the pattern of many weight loss plans, showing that dieting does not have to be synonymous with starvation. If the volumetric diet had a motto, it would be more satiety with fewer calories, and is a good option for those not content with eating little. Continue reading “Diet volume”

Flash diet-protein diet

Protein DietFlash Diet is a protein diet that is touted as the last diet. Give a quick weight loss promises to be more effective than the famous and controversial Dukan diet . Flash is a dietary regimen that is gaining strength and has been used by celebrities like Victoria Beckham.
Flash Diet is a diet to lose some weight, is indicated for serious problems of obesity. With her weight loss is achieved between 10 and 30 kilos in three or four months, says its creator, Dr. Manuel, who touted as a rehabilitation treatment that teaches eat and allows a large reduction in weight without starving and without suffering rebound.
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Medical conditions that make you fat loss

Medical Why many people do not lose weight or diets do not work, you do not follow the right program or because they do not comply as they should.
However, there are cases where even if you closely monitor what you eat and exercise regularly, continue to gain weight. If this is your case you may be experiencing a health problem that is affecting your system. Continue reading “Medical conditions that make you fat loss”

Brushing your teeth to watch your weight loss

Brushing your teethBrushing teeth after each meal is not only important for good oral fitness, but can be a trick to help you lose weight.
Brush your teeth after every meal, especially after dinner, is a simple act of hygiene that will help you not to eat more and thus lose weight. The clean, fresh and minty, will serve as a signal to your body and brain to indicate that mealtime is over. Continue reading “Brushing your teeth to watch your weight loss”

Want to lose those extra pounds?

Jose FernandezCoach Jose Fernandez recommended that you follow the diet and exercise to start losing weight
If you plan to lose 25, 50 or 100 pounds is not a matter of a few days, you’re right, then neither of you increased from one day to another. What you do is trazarte small goals to lose slowly.
This diet is to make six small meals a day to increase metabolism and prevent hunger. Diet is the same every day. Continue reading “Want to lose those extra pounds?”

How to reduce fat thighs

Fat ThighsReduce fat thigh is the goal of most people today, especially women because they are more likely to gain fat in this area of the body. Today, various solutions are being introduced that can help you lose fat in the thighs.
Here are some tips on how to achieve fat loss in the thighs

Daily exercise – Make it a daily routine for exercise. Do not just exercise for the thighs, but do exercises that target all areas of body fat. Focusing on a specific area of the body will help you lose fat tight in that area, but only tone up your muscles.
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10 Painless ways to weight lose 100 calories

Weight loss 1. Walk one mile. For every mile you burn 100 calories walking. The faster you burn more calories.

2. Use an exercise ball instead of  office and burn an extra 50 calories per hour sitting there!

3. In the gym 15 minutes: 5 minute walk uphill on the treadmill, weight 2 minutes and 5 minutes of interval training. Continue reading “10 Painless ways to weight lose 100 calories”