Folk remedies for weight loss

weight lossSurely having tried many different diets (mono and poly excluding proteins, fats or carbohydrates, limiting the number of receptions or volume of food). The desperate obese patients, aware of their inefficiency. Since in most cases to withstand the tough diet and losing weight rapidly, your body, feeling the need for specific micro nutrients, strives to get them and to make reserves, thereby restoring the original weight. So hunger is fraught with overeating and stress. Similarly, harmful medications and diet as scientifically proven, with psychotropic properties.

It is easy to understand that the most secure and even useful way for progressive and high-quality weight loss is a healthy, balanced diet and moderate exercise, prescription specialist, depending on the condition of the person, his weight, lifestyle, presence of pathologist. Continue reading “Folk remedies for weight loss”

Drugs for weight loss

fatThe fight against excess weight often turns into a protracted war with varying success. Sometimes we gain victory in a battle with the extra inches, but sometimes these centimeters are returned, and begin a new round of hostilities.

The practice of medicine, and proven that success in the fight can only be achieved by complex activities under the title – a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that no more than 5% of the people suffering from overweight acquired as a result of its physiological changes in an organism. In all other cases, the cause – is overeating, lack of exercise, bad habits and unbalanced diet. Therefore, the search of a magical agent, which, as if by magic will save you from extra pounds, akin to fantasy, well, of course, if you are not set to go under the surgeon’s knife. Continue reading “Drugs for weight loss”

Risk consumption of anorectics

dietComplications from the use of craving suppressants

Treating obesity can be a complex treatment that results are not intended in the expected time. This can lead many people to think of consuming anorectic. It is therefore important that if that idea crosses your head, know their side effects and contraindications.

Appetite suppressants are the most popular drugs for the treatment of obesity. Anorectic Inside there is different such as amphetamines and Dexfenfluramine Denfluramina, but these can cause many health complications; to the point that in many countries its use is prohibited or tightly controlled.

The anorectic’s consumption risks are many. You can, perhaps, lose weight quickly but you’ll have to weigh what you prefer: healthy and lose slowly or quickly to the detriment of your health. Continue reading “Risk consumption of anorectics”

Are recommended drugs for weight loss

dietSide effects of weight loss medications

When you’re overweight or obese what more you want to lose weight, and in many cases at all costs, even consuming drugs. But are recommended? And what are side effects that produce

First, it is important to say that dealing with overweight and obesity is different in many cases, although it is always necessary to start with a low calorie diet, harmonious, balanced and tailored to your needs.

In a high percentage of people who are overweight diet, changes in eating habits and physical exercise is the solution to lose weight in a healthy and effective way. However, there are people who suffer from obesity drug may need to supplement a dietary treatment to achieve burn fat and lose weight. Continue reading “Are recommended drugs for weight loss”

Fatness as a result of drugs

lose weightObesity is a serious health problem of recent decades. To such an extent that it is considered an epidemic. This deterioration occurs for several reasons. The diet, sedentary lifestyle may be major factors, but there are also others like drugs that can favors overweight. I invite you to know what.

Modern life has changed our eating habits and lifestyle. Fast food, the means of carrying while they have facilitated our life, in terms of time, has also harmed the health. But these are not the only factors that must be taken into account when other causes that can foster the overweight, like for example medicines.

There are drugs that cause side effects on the body, promoting weight gain by their mode of action. For this reason, it is important to find out what.

Do medications help overweight Continue reading “Fatness as a result of drugs”

Weight lose Drugs

weight loseMany people undergoing weight reduction regime come to require, in addition to diet and exercise, some medications, which should only be prescribed by the endocrinologist. The most common ones below:

Anorectics noradrenergic. Its mechanism of action consists in reducing hunger, since they act in the control center located in the hypothalamus appetite. They can lead to addiction.

Anorectics serotonergic. They are action at the level of the satiety center, and its adverse reactions included cardiac disorders.

Fat inhibitors. Avoid that one of the fat from food is absorbed, percentage which is eliminated through bowel movements. Its side effects include increased number of bowel movements the day, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fecal incontinence, and nausea. Continue reading “Weight lose Drugs”

The qualities of green tea for weight loss

Green tea for Weight lossThere are frequent varieties of tea, but green tea is the best known, thanks to its delicate taste and its many virtues. It is usually used in Chinese medicine, why green tea is the variety which has more therapeutic properties. It has a stimulant, tonic, exciting, and action slimming .

The amount of protein present in green tea is very weak, and its action is less harmful than coffee. The protein increases attention and encourages physical activity. Continue reading “The qualities of green tea for weight loss”

Honey tea for weight loss

weight lossHoney tea can not lose weight or joke. Is likely to think that honey and cinnamon can be very good ingredients for skin care. Slimming with such ingredients sounds too good to be true, am I right?

Taking honey alone does not become slim, as it has more calories than white sugar. But if you mix honey with lemon, cinnamon or things change, and you can get in order to lose weight, and eliminate abdominal fat.

Continue reading “Honey tea for weight loss”

Pills that help reduce hunger

reduce hungerPills drug that has a “hypnotic” effect on your brain makes him feel full in the body. After receiving lasting effect losing weight almost does not feel hungry and therefore consumes much less food. By accident a long time in a person consuming these pills actually decreases the amount of stomach, and even after taking the pills losing weight is still losing weight, because eating less.
Continue reading “Pills that help reduce hunger”

Pills that prevent the formation of fat

Pills fatWhere does the extra fat? The fact is that our body can not get rid of the coming together of food fat. Cookies, sandwiches – all easily lay on our sides. Natural filter against fat there, unfortunately. The second category of diet pills and acts just additional filter, which prevents the absorption of fats. Continue reading “Pills that prevent the formation of fat”