Corona Crisis: Effective Muscle Training At Home

Does Fat Really Make You FattyBecause of the Corona crisis, many people are largely at home and spend the day on the computer and the phone. Anyone who then has to forego their usual sports program or is simply less on the move will quickly notice how much they lack exercise. Our muscles break down after just a few days of inactivity. And the older a person is, the faster they lose muscles. But this can be prevented with just a little movement.

20 minutes a day is enough for this. Two minutes of spontaneous strength training every now and then helps to maintain the muscles. Continue reading “Corona Crisis: Effective Muscle Training At Home”

Postural Gymnastics: The Exercises to do at Home

Physical problems start in the form of muscle aches that gradually become contractual, and then turn into real injuries. The most affected parts are the lumbar area and the back in general, but the shoulders and neck are also involved. Sitting with your back too arched causes the classic pain we feel when we get up or bend over. Staying with the neck and shoulders in tension for long periods creates severe muscle contractual that can also cause cervical problems. Continue reading “Postural Gymnastics: The Exercises to do at Home”

Fitness And Healthy Life

 Healthy LifeNow, I look at it with the perspective and I see that without sport I could not live and that a healthy life is part of me to the point that it borders! So I’ve come to the conclusion that. You’re a lover of fitness and healthy life.

How are you? For some time I wanted to write this post. A post in which I raise the level for healthy living and fitness. The truth is that I do not know when it started. Since I remember I have always played sports. I started three years doing ballet at school, then at an academy with a teacher that I loved very much and then I continued doing Ballet at another well-known Academy. Continue reading “Fitness And Healthy Life”

Best Female exercise to get rid of the big belly

Female exerciseIf you are willing to do some Female exercise, this is a good sign that you can lose weight and get rid of unwanted parts of her big belly. This article will provide some of the best female exercises that can be used to have a good result in your fat loss program. Continue reading “Best Female exercise to get rid of the big belly”

How to lose weight at home?

 lose weight at homeNutritionists argue that obesity, which is daily affecting hundreds of people from infancy to the senile age, disease is not only endocrine, digestive systems, but also, and perhaps primarily, a psychological nature.

Because many patients suffering from overweight, admit that they have seen in food (and, appetizing only in appearance and in most cases, harmful) only joy in life, whose image in the age of information technology (when through the Internet can be and work, and to learn, and buy products without leaving home) becomes less mobile. Accordingly, consuming energy (calories), laziness does not allow a person to spend it fully while the assimilation of mineral vitamins. Continue reading “How to lose weight at home?”

Shoulder Exercise

fatThe congestionador, is the name given to a particular type of exercise for shoulder serving as the same suggests, to accumulate the highest number of blood to the muscle can to try to increase its size.

The congestionador, in short, is a combo exercise because it is not a typical movement as such, but a combination of Cuban press with dumbbell military press made so that our shoulders end up burning for work received.


How congestionador done? Continue reading “Shoulder Exercise”

Exercises for essential back

fatThat our routine is composed with e exercises for the back is important to make our body. They are an important muscle from aesthetically and functionally, so we know how to train it. Then you have some back exercises that should be in all our training programs.

Back Exercises – You Chin

When you see someone with a big back, I can guarantee that has little to do with box jumps. The dominated and rowing are two of the best builders in muscle mass in the back. Works shoulders, biceps and grip strength in being a movement that has so many different varieties, never be bored. Continue reading “Exercises for essential back”

How do I start an exercise program

weight loseFirst, talk to your GP. This is especially important if you have not been active, if you have any health problems, if you are pregnant or if you are elderly.

What kind of exercise should I do?

The best type of exercise is that you do regularly, so choose activities you enjoy. Physical activities that increase your heart rate and move large muscles are good choices. Walking is a admired choice and does not need special equipment except suitable shoes. Other good choices include swimming, bicycling, jogging and dancing.Exercising with a friend or comparative can make it more fun and having a partner that can help motivate you to stay on target. Continue reading “How do I start an exercise program”

Aerobic exercise

dietIf you set a goal to lose weight without aerobics can not do. However, not all types of cardio are equally good. Choose the best aerobics!

Left for later! When do cardio? Science has found that aerobic session, arranged immediately after weight training burns fat better. And, for the first 15 minutes of the rate of fat burning cardio is the maximum. This means that during this period the intensity aerobics to be prohibitive. In this case, the fat loss will be particularly significant. Effect of aerobics, strength training undertaken before, was minimal. Continue reading “Aerobic exercise”

Exercise while watching TV

fatThere is no doubt that people want healthy and beautiful body. But sometimes having a gym membership is just too much money. And to add to that, the lack of time to exercise means that it is a complete waste of money. But hanging out on the chesterfield watching Idiot Box does not mean that you have to be a bummer.

The average person comes home at the end of the day, eat their food, and turns on the TV. When you are watching TV, it is often tempting to reach for a bag of chips or nankeens. It labels Couch Potato. Watching TV can be one of the worst things for your body. But it should not be. There are many simple but effective exercises you can do in front of the TV. Here are a few to get you started: Continue reading “Exercise while watching TV”