Benefits of Sport on Your Health

weight loss and fitnessTo be in good shape, as we all know, playing Sport on Your Health is essential. Endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, breathing… regular physical activity impacts your body and your mind. But did you know that sport can also protect you from illnesses?

Work on your immunity

Immunity is your body’s ability to ward off disease. Over the years, your immune system may become less effective, and you get sick more easily. Continue reading “Benefits of Sport on Your Health”

5 Winter Sports That Will Burn You A Lot Of Fat

Tips For LadiesDid you know that summer bodies are forged in winter? Sport in winter not only keeps you fit and slim, the countless winter sports are also a lot of fun. There are some endurance winter sports that are real fat killers. A list of the 5 biggest fat burning sports for winter can now be found in this post …

How was the calorie consumption of the following winter sports calculated?

Before I introduce you to the most effective fat-killing winter sports, you would like to know how the calorie consumption of the individual winter sports is calculated at all? Continue reading “5 Winter Sports That Will Burn You A Lot Of Fat”

Weight Loss with Sport

SportsAnyone who wants to lose weight need not be afraid of heavy weights and strong muscles. For weight training not only prevents you from losing muscle during a weight loss phase, but also ignites the metabolic turbo and thus accelerates the fat loss.

A strong musculature helps you to lose unnecessary kilos. Especially if you put on exercises for the large muscle groups such as squats in training instead of crunches and sit ups for a slim stomach. Nevertheless, only a few weight loss coaches advise regular strength training. Continue reading “Weight Loss with Sport”

The ideal weight for athletes

ideal weightAmong athletes, the term most usually used is the ideal weight. Indeed, it generally consists of the weight at which an athlete feels good about himself, and reaches the highest levels of duty.

This definition of weight is a bit subjective, and unscientific. In the ideal weight , the athlete will feel good physically and morally. Their yields are at their highest level.

Evaluate your ideal weight Continue reading “The ideal weight for athletes”

The basic rules of supply during sports diet

DietEvery morning, strength training should be carried out. Training with light weights will help speed up your metabolism and give the tone of the body. Before training can not eat anything since morning workout on an empty stomach will burn more calories than evening.
You should not limit yourself too much on food consumption, as in some types of restrictive diets. Since dropping so extra pounds have returned back over the next few months. Should gradually move to a proper diet, and give the body to get used to the new changes. Continue reading “The basic rules of supply during sports diet”

Athletic Diet

DietAthletic diet when doing fitness or diet for the gym, it does not matter what kind of diet for sports you need. The basic rule of any diet is a balanced nutrition. Proper nutrition combined with physical training certainly will give a positive result. Diet and sport are inseparable concepts. As if you did not actively engage in sports, need to eat properly and fully. Continue reading “Athletic Diet”

Why growing belly in men?

growing belly in menEvery men may be also associated with hormonal disorders, which are often accompanied by infertility and impotence. Well, or a decrease of sexual power. But not in the case of some hormones. The reason that the stomach is growing, there may be some other disease. Continue reading “Why growing belly in men?”

Fitness for Women

Slim tipsEvery woman get slim by nature, rarely think about. To begin the exercise. But exercise is not just for those who want to be the owner of the big muscles, but also for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, which is not restricted to a proper diet and sufficient sleep time. You need to train your body to gain and maintain physical fitness and health promotion.

Nowadays many women bodybuilding competitions to gain figures admirable. Moreover, bodybuilding helps fight stress. Training wreaks negative energy and fill feeling refreshed. In fact there is nothing wrong with that, to strengthen his muscles.
Continue reading “Fitness for Women”

How not to gain weight in the winter?

weight  loseSeasonal weight lose – a phenomenon as common as short daylight hours and overcast sky. But is it inevitable extra pounds? Nutritionists claim: I and the numbers on the balance board can be kept within limits.

Craving for edibles need to “thank” meager winter sun: his rare visits suppress the hormone serotonin joy, hence the low mood and desire to lie down on the couch to sleep. Previously, horror of horrors, cheer calorie sweets. Another help in weight gain – a number of winter holidays and feasts. Despite the fact that everyone is against waist , there are ways to avoid the gain, the more the motivation – where much more serious.
Continue reading “How not to gain weight in the winter?”

Burning fat?

Fat burnThe panacea cardio to burn fat. 30-50 minutes of medium intensity exercise and you made sure to be burning fat. But little by little we have seen the studies and practice take for winning the HIIT to burn fat. With high-intensity interval training can burn calories and in a relatively short time. What’s better then, or HIIT cardio to burn fat?

I do not like to give for the winner either. Depends more on our features and our fitness level. I myself have found in my own flesh (or rather would say here in my own fat), how to give a good push HIIT to burn fat and improve endurance, but also requires some physical or otherwise ” end up on the floor. ”
Continue reading “Burning fat?”