How to avoid gaining weight after a diet

gaining weight after a dietWith diets is exactly the same avoid gaining weight after a diet the hardest thing is not to lose kilos but not retrieved later. Discover with us the Diogenes project, a diet rich in protein and low glycemic index foods to lose weight and avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect. Especially as summer approaches, bombard their readers with infallible fad diets.

Are many and varied risks prevention of overweight and obesity, obsession with a thin body. the reasons to get to it. But careful!, you must first assess the risks: Continue reading “How to avoid gaining weight after a diet”

Ten Anti-fat foods

Burn fat food1. Beef flank steak

Excellence protein slows digestion, preventing spikes in blood sugar that cause fat accumulation.

2. Grilled salmon

It is cargadito of omega-3, which serve to burn the bad fats from the body.

3. Canned tuna

It is one of the fish with more lean meat. To not add calories, do not buy it pickled.

4. Mackerel

It contains much taurine, according to a Taiwanese study, inhibits the growth of fat cells. Continue reading “Ten Anti-fat foods”

Control your weight as Sarah Jessica Parker without starving

Sarah JessicaControlling your weight is not a special effort for her, because he says it is in their DNA, but their secret has been discovered. Hamptons Diet! This eating plan is all the rage in Hollywood, has ten golden rules that you can skip if you want to be as great as the actress who gave life to the unforgettable Carrie Bradshaw in the legendary series Sex and the City. the diet based their recipes in the high consumption of vegetable protein and animals , leaving very little room for carbohydrates. Pasta, rice and bread, especially if they are not comprehensive, are prohibited, as is the sugar refining. The Mediterranean diet is a good base to carry out this diet you will lose the weight without any hunger. These are the ten commandments of the Hamptons Diet: Continue reading “Control your weight as Sarah Jessica Parker without starving”

The diet of Princess Kate is similar to our ideal diet

Princess Kate dietThe wife of the future heir to the throne of England, Prince William, before the wedding followed a strict diet which has several similarities with our food trail, a successful diet, as evidenced by our readers.

But not only Kate, but also his fascinating sister Pippa and mother Carole were subjected to the same dietary regimen, which is called Dukan Diet and named after its creator, the nutritionist Pierre Dukan. Continue reading “The diet of Princess Kate is similar to our ideal diet”

The diet for slow metabolism

dietEvery man and women overweight is the fault of my metabolism! This is the most frequent among the excuses that women use to justify the extra pounds, says the prof. Pierluigi Rossi, medical specialist in Food Science and Preventive Medicine. In fact, the complex chemical reactions that occur in our body is regulated by several factors: age, sex, and muscle mass in the body.

But if we exclude hormonal dysfunction, individual variations in metabolism are limited. Metabolism is slow, rather, a consequence of overweight and not the cause. Continue reading “The diet for slow metabolism”

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with no fast weight

DietIt is about Valentine’s Day and with it the celebrations and gifts. That the celebration does not involve extra calorie consumption, we present some recommendations.

1.  Do not give away chocolates, truffles, candy, etc..

While they are classic gifts for Valentines, bring many calories (chocolate also contains flavoring that help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease). So if you know your partner is trying to take care and not to consume extra calories, it is better to let go of sweets that do not add empty calories and choosing for example, a perfume, a jewel, salts and bubble bath, etc. Continue reading “Celebrate Valentine’s Day with no fast weight”

How to speed up metabolism

Women CelebrityThe faster your metabolism you can eat without gaining weight. Or you can lose weight faster as desired. Continue down.
Metabolism is the rate at which calories burned (kcal). The more calories burn faster or slower thinned fatter. Although there are various opinions on the matter are thought to be accelerated a bit. Continue reading “How to speed up metabolism”

How can I maintain my Figure

Slim figureOne of our readers share the tricks that have been effective at keeping her figure after having lost weight using diet, exercise and surgery. Continue down.

Our reader prefers to remain anonymous but these are his tips:

“I lost over 45 pounds (20 kilos) with diet and exercise and lost weight when I did because I had a tummy tuck stretch marks and excess skin after three pregnancies. After that I care for my figure because I know I can regain the lost weight. “

“This is what has helped me stay on the desired weight and keep the figure that with effort succeeded. Some things may sound trite to recommend but I have been effective and why I share them. ” Continue reading “How can I maintain my Figure”

The danger of fitness for female breast

female breastThe news about the dangers of fitness for a female bust scientists said University of Portsmouth. Why, strengthening the cardiovascular system and making shapely legs and toned thighs, women irreparably harm her breasts – it becomes stunted and saggy? Can you avoid this side effect in the fight for your health?

How much noise does advertising campaign female sports underwear, which was represented by a few years ago, Anna Kournikova. I remember the posters with the words “Bounce should just balls” she sported a tight-fitting white bra? It turned out, Anna was right – it is a bounce.

Continue reading “The danger of fitness for female breast”

How to visually enlarge the ass?

enlarge the assCarefully select a wardrobe, paying attention to those things that are visually expanded the lower body. This tulip dress, skirts, pleated pants and skinny jeans. You can still pick up items that have settled in the hip pockets. But this should not be too carried away free clothes, and you can get a baggy silhouette that will not help you look more attractive. In principle there is a special underwear with soft silicone, which also increases the visual pop. But of course, he looked not the most attractive. Continue reading “How to visually enlarge the ass?”