Why Is He Not Overweight and Not Very Fat, But His Belly Is Very Big?

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Whether it is in our fitness training or in our daily life, we will encounter some various problems more or less.

For example, such a question, that is why I am not overweight, nor very fat, but my belly is very big? I don’t know if you have thought about this issue. Continue reading “Why Is He Not Overweight and Not Very Fat, But His Belly Is Very Big?”

What is Subcutaneous Fat and Visceral Fat?

Subcutaneous fat is the fat you can feel, and visceral fat is the fat attached to the internal organs in the abdominal cavity.

The production of subcutaneous fat is mainly the long-term subcutaneous accumulation of excess energy caused by long-term diet and poor living habits. The production of visceral fat is the normal accumulation of daily energy, and the accumulation time of subcutaneous fat is relatively short. Continue reading “What is Subcutaneous Fat and Visceral Fat?”

Why is My Belly So Big?

Healthy Life and FitnessIn our era of rich material life, many of us basically do not need to do physical activity. Although this is a relatively happy thing, it also has a bad side.

Just such a problem, due to the abundance of material life and the reduction of physical activity, many of us are beginning to become fatter and fatter on the body. Continue reading “Why is My Belly So Big?”

Lose Weight Fast and Easy with Calorie Burn

weight loss and fitnessIf before the summer you got in shape, took care of your diet and managed to lose weight to show off a mountain body in the summer, now you want to keep it. We help you not to lose everything you have achieved with your effort. Having returned to the routine is not always a guarantee of success, since sometimes we do not even have time to eat, and our healthy eating can suffer. For this reason, we tell you that shakes and infusions are becoming popular and that they are also perfect for autumn. Continue reading “Lose Weight Fast and Easy with Calorie Burn”

Which Diet Control Method Is the Fastest for Reducing Sugar, Ketogenic, Or Intermittent Fasting?

In the diet of the generations, carbohydrates are generally consumed excessively, especially those who eat out, usually high-carb water. Excessive carbohydrates can easily cause blood sugar fluctuations and form fat accumulation in the body. The sugar-reduced diet is an extension of a balanced diet, reducing the carbohydrate ratio and increasing the ratio of protein to fat. The restriction is not as strict as the ketogenic diet, and it is easier to implement. It has become a popular slimming diet in recent years.

Continue reading “Which Diet Control Method Is the Fastest for Reducing Sugar, Ketogenic, Or Intermittent Fasting?”

Fitness, Be Careful Of Injuries

ExerciseMuscle cramps

Muscle cramps are commonly known as cramps, and some fast-paced, high-frequency movements are often done in the gym. For example: sports bikes, fighting gymnastics, etc., muscle cramps are prone to occur at this time, and the calf gastronomes is one of the muscles most prone to cramps. Continue reading “Fitness, Be Careful Of Injuries”

Slimming Meal and Vegetable

lose weight fastHowever, nutritionists tell us the latest good news: eat, eat, food does not gain weight. Is there such a good thing? Yes, as long as you eat scientifically, you will eat more and get slimmer!

Four kinds of vegetable juice, delicious and slim

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice can remove toxins and wastes accumulated in the body, because fresh fruit juice or fresh vegetable juice enters the human digestive system, making the blood alkaline, dissolving the toxins accumulated in the cells, and excreting them out of the body. Continue reading “Slimming Meal and Vegetable”

Keeping in Perfect Shape

Healthy Life and FitnessCertainly the perfect shape is not reached in a few weeks but is the result of months, even years, of constancy and the right lifestyle.

It is equally true, however, that there are simple but very useful good habits that can help a lot to obtain the results we want in terms of physical fitness and general well-being. Continue reading “Keeping in Perfect Shape”

Where do you store Body Fat ?

Slim figureIn this article you will learn where body fat accumulates in your body and how to get rid of it in a healthy and easy way by eating low carbohydrates.

  1. Body Fat Accumulation Caused by Improper Diet

This type of overweight is the most common worldwide. The fat is spread over the entire upper body. It is caused by eating too much and processed foods. Continue reading “Where do you store Body Fat ?”

Lose Belly Fat with Swimming

FitnessLose Belly Fat with Swimming gently trains your body and can help you declare war on those pesky bacon rolls. With a few tricks, however, you can make your swimming training even more efficient.

If you want to lose weight with the help of sport, you probably first think of long runs or sweaty units in the gym. But especially with these summer temperatures you should perhaps resort to another discipline. Continue reading “Lose Belly Fat with Swimming”