Tips on How to Strengthen Your Immune System during the Corona Pandemic

Weight LossViruses and other pathogens can attack us more easily when the immune system is weakened. But the body’s defenses can be strengthened with simple measures. We give tips on how to strengthen your immune system during the corona pandemic.

The fact that the virus particularly attacks people with previous illnesses and a weakened immune system shows how important an intact immune system is. A healthy diet and the like do not necessarily prevent you from becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2. However, the measures help to stay as healthy and defensive as possible in times of Covid-19. Because if the body’s defenses are weakened, it is easier for pathogens – regardless of their type – to do so. We have collected advice on how to strengthen the body and soul in the corona crisis. Continue reading “Tips on How to Strengthen Your Immune System during the Corona Pandemic”

Lemon Water: Healthy and Helps you Lose Weight

Lemon water for lose weight

So simple and so healthy: lemon water is a tried and tested natural remedy and should also help you lose weight. We explain what lemon water can really do.

Especially when the temperature rises and it gets really warm outside, water with lemon is a delicious soft drink. But lemon water is not only tasty, it is also extremely healthy. Many stars and starlets rely on lemon water for weight loss. How healthy it really is and how water with lemon helps with weight loss. Continue reading “Lemon Water: Healthy and Helps you Lose Weight”

Sleep well: how to rest well to feel fit!

Sleep well: how to rest well to feel fit! We have often talked about how a good rest is complementary to a good workout. Sleeping well helps us recover from the fatigue (of the day and workouts) and allows us to face new commitments with more determination.
Not to mention that, if you are on a diet, sleeping well also helps you resist hunger pangs. To respond well to diet and training a body must be healthy and well rested. Proper rest is essential!
Did you know that if you sleep too little, the production of gherkin, the hormone that stimulates appetite, increases? The damn will not only make you hungry but it will make you really want crap! So try to sleep at least 7 hours a night if you want a healthy, responsive and lean body. Continue reading “Sleep well: how to rest well to feel fit!”

Active in the Home Office: This is How You Stay Fit at Your Desk at Home

lockdown fitnessThe home office is currently the office of choice. Due to Corona, it is important to keep the risk of infection low. Some behaviors newbie’s have to learn now: This is how they stay fit.
More and more people are working from home due to the corona pandemic. This tries to keep the risk of infection in the population low. For professionals who work at home, this also means that when in doubt, they move even less than they already do: for example, they no longer travel to work by bike, as well as going to the gym on the way home. Maria Schumann knows what negative consequences this lack of exercise can have for these people sooner or later. She is a health scientist and advises individuals and companies on how to deal with diet, exercise, stress and sleep in a healthy way. Continue reading “Active in the Home Office: This is How You Stay Fit at Your Desk at Home”

How to Lose 10 Kg of Weight in a Healthy and Sustainable Way

How Can I Lose Weight FastLosing 10 pounds is a big project. We’ll tell you whether it makes sense for you and what measures can be taken to make it sustainable
Before embarking on a weight loss project that is based on just a number, understand why. Is your desired weight 10 kilo away? Have you put on those same 10 pounds lately for no good reason? That would be understandable reasons. But if you want to fit into any standard or emulate a role model, you should be careful!
It is better to orientate yourself according to your own wishes and needs, not according to external guidelines that have nothing to do with you. Let’s face it: losing weight is not easy. But when it comes to a whole 10 kilos, the whole thing has to be sensible and feasible. Continue reading “How to Lose 10 Kg of Weight in a Healthy and Sustainable Way”

Top 10 Fitness Tips on How to Stay Positive In Quarantine

 Positive In QuarantineFitness expert shared tips for staying healthy in isolation. The main recommendation is to move every hour and eat from small plates. He also offered to hide tempting goodies from himself and learn to evaluate the degree of his hunger.
In these strange times, when for your own health you have to lock yourself in the house and isolate yourself, the temptation is to relax and forget about the regime. Not to notice what and when we eat, what we think we do, writes The Daily Mail.
So fitness expert Joe Warner recommends taking care of your mood first and adding a playful element to your life.
1. Start a special jar for letters to the future: whenever you or a family member wants to do something that cannot be done due to quarantine, write it down on paper and put it in the jar. When the self-isolation regime is removed, you can remember what you wanted in quarantine and set off to fulfill your dreams. Continue reading “Top 10 Fitness Tips on How to Stay Positive In Quarantine”

5 Tips To Fight The Corona Kilo

HEALTHY THROUGH THE CORONA CRISIS Are your pants too tight from snacking and sitting? It is high time to change something and get rid of the corona kilos
Why am I winning so much during the Corona pandemic?
Don’t worry, you are not alone and there are a number of reasons why you are eating a few extra pounds at the moment:
Boredom, frustration and fear: you have already cleaned the whole apartment and are bored? You don’t get along as well in the home office as in the office? Do you miss your friends and are afraid of how the situation with Corona will develop, or maybe even be afraid for your job? All of these thoughts are currently in our heads. Fortunately, there is chocolate that promises quick encouragement and at least a brief feeling of happiness – until the guilty conscience sets in. Continue reading “5 Tips To Fight The Corona Kilo”

Corona: Employee Health & Corporate Identity In The Home

In an ongoing exceptional situation, triggered by the global corona pandemic, companies and employees are gradually adapting to the new circumstances and circumstances.
Home office because of corona
Laptops, headsets and webcams are now just as difficult to obtain as protective masks, toilet paper and hand disinfectants. Many companies have purchased the equipment they need for their employees and are now working hard from home and taking care of the children. But how do home offices and a purely digital contact culture affect employee health and corporate identity? Continue reading “Corona: Employee Health & Corporate Identity In The Home”

Lose Weight in the Home Office

Weight lose

Lose weight in the home office? Not so easy when the fridge and candy depot are right next door and the movement is reduced to a minimum. However, in view of the corona pandemic, many people have to work at home – and often also have to look after the next generation. A real challenge in terms of self-organization, coping with stress and also weight management. Read here how you can still keep your weight in the home office and even lose weight.
Losing weight in the home office: opportunities and risks
Working in the home office is actually a good opportunity to eat healthy and lose weight. Because many of the calorie traps lurking in everyday office life do not exist at home: no high-calorie canteen food, no birthday cake among colleagues, no candy vending machine with delicious temptations that are always available. Instead, you have control over what you eat. Continue reading “Lose Weight in the Home Office”

5 Reasons Why Stomach Fat Is Not Easily Reduced

I exercise regularly and have a balanced diet, but my stomach fat doesn’t get lost. I’m working hard to get a flat and tight stomach … why? In this issue, we will introduce 10 factors that cause a bad stomach diet from the cosmopolitan UK version.
1. Not getting enough sleep
Are you unconsciously wake waking up your body or head by scrolling through SNS or drinking coffee until late at night? As a result, you may not be able to get tired the next day. If you want to lose weight, its a good idea to sleep 7 to 9 hours a night every night.
Lack of sleep can impair hormonal balance and affect how you feel hungry. Your appetite involves two hormones, ghrelin and leptin. The level of vaccinated hormones increases, while the level of leptin (hormone that feels full) decreases, meaning that late nights increase appetite and make you feel full when you eat. When you’re trying to lose weight, try to stay conscious of the things that can cause a night nap, get in bed faster than usual, and sleep better.
2. The training method is wrong
It’s difficult to control sagging with abdominal training, such as abdominal exercises. Belly fat stores energy in the body, so reducing body fat requires whole body exercise.
I’d like to try HIIT training (high intensity interval training) to burn fat and increase heart rate, squats, full body burpy jumps, and sprinting on a treadmill. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Stomach Fat Is Not Easily Reduced”