Top 5 Effective Ways to lose weight fast

Top 5 Effective Ways to lose weight fastEach year at the same time – on the eve of the bathing season and New Year’s Eve – Girls and women are thinking, how in a short time to get rid of extra kilos. Before the main holiday of the year, there is very little time, and then it’s time to act. We found the 5 most effective ways to lose weight quickly. It is time to act!

1: Emergency    

The stars, which dramatically changed the image of the New Year, of course, the most obvious way to get rid of the extra kilos – go on a diet. Immediately the question arise – to what. Of course, the ideal is to consult a dietitian, so he made the menu for you. But, you will not do it, each of us. Continue reading “Top 5 Effective Ways to lose weight fast”

Eating disorders obscure

dietMuch more than anorexia and / or bulimia

Not only anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders that affect millions of people, especially women. There are many more that can threaten the health of those who suffer, so it is important to be aware and know at least five little-known eating disorders.


While it says a lot about anorexia and bulimia, eating disorders these are the most popular, but there are others that can be as dangerous as those that are not so well known and sometimes difficult to diagnose.

5 disorders that are more than anorexia and / or bulimia

Dining selective. Who suffers from this disorder only consumes a very small amount of food, especially selected. Continue reading “Eating disorders obscure”

Pros and Cons Diets

DietA way of life, there are several thousands of years. About 1 billion people in the world today – the vegetarians! But at the dawn of its existence, the system united adherents of certain philosophical or religious beliefs, the vegetarian in the modern world – a man who wants to stay healthy, striving for active longevity. Significant role in vegetarianism is also given ethical dimension.

Vegetarianism is practiced for thousands of years in countries which were distributed to Indian religions – Buddhism , Hinduism. The first vegetarian society was founded in England in 1847 (it was called – The British Vegetarian Society). Continue reading “Pros and Cons Diets”

Obesity and excess weight.

excess weightModern medicine says today a record number of diseases obesity, and geography of this kind of epidemic is not limited by any boundaries. Of course, in some countries, for example in the U.S., the number of obese varying degrees in several times higher than in Europe.

Physicians more frequently raise questions not only about obesity, but also the “age” of the disease. After all, the history of human civilization had so many “obese” children. If you do not address this problem in a couple of decades, humanity will kneel literally, right under the weight of its own weight.

Relevance has been for almost all the time varied. To this day in the Middle East is accepted as the norm accepted by more than a lush volume of “beauties”. Scientists attribute this to the difficulty bearing offspring in difficult conditions. But the rate of increase “shaped” does not stop today. Some tribes, an ancient custom of “fattening” of their leaders, as their fullness in the worldview of the people due to their well-being. But alas, imaginary welfare of the people is in fact sometimes the leader’s life.

Obesity ( overweight ) were isolated even during the ancient civilizations of Greece and Egypt. There is evidence about overweight Socrates, Grace and other equally famous people, at the same time, the world-renowned Hippocrates and Avicenna advised moderation in eating and a sedentary life. Gluttony and gave battle in Kievan Rus, which recorded written sources. Even then, it was thought that too much fat is not only unattractive, but also does not promise success in your business.

It is very near the present state of affairs. The person suffering from obesity with unattractive figure wreathed in fact it is difficult to find their personal place in the sun, because the employer subconsciously, looking at him, understands that the employee will be out of it is not the best. Usually such people have in addition a whole bunch of different diseases, which will eventually make themselves felt. Besides unpresentable appearance close the door to higher positions.

Angelic diet

DietAngelic diet metabolism returns to normal, resulting in the retention of the desired weight for three years. During the observance of angelic diet necessarily do exercises and massage.

On day 14, you can eat any food, but in moderation. With this diet, you can lose about 7-8 kg of weight.

Duration angelic diet: 13 days
Continue reading “Angelic diet”

Learning to chew properly

Adequate food consumption based on the nutrients our body needs to function is essential. Among the nutrients that I speak we find carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, etc.

Most people living in developed countries do not have any problem at feeding time, with exceptions. However, if we talk about assimilation of nutrients, things change dramatically. Most people do not know chewing, which leads to eating problems.

Learning to chew is important for seniors, adults and children. If you do not learn to chew may eventually get to cardiovascular disease. We grind food. Continue reading “Learning to chew properly”

Control high cholesterol

Cholesterol is a lipid which is found in body tissues and blood, is especially concentrated in the liver and pancreas. The body must have a lot of cholesterol, but the problem arises when the amount of cholesterol exceeds normal proportions that the body needs.

The excessive level of cholesterol in the body can cause cardiovascular disease and stroke, so it is important to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
Cholesterol is produced by the liver, but good amount comes from the food we eat. It can also be caused by liver cirrhosis, thyroid disorder or hereditary form. Continue reading “Control high cholesterol”

Fluid loss

Aerobic activity is the activity of various muscle groups of the body, through its enable controlled contraction and relaxation movements.

As a result of muscle contraction and relaxation heat release occurs, which determines the body to activate the mechanism for regulation of temperature.

It is common after several minutes of physical activity begin to sweat, which seeks to reduce the body temperature by heat loss occurred. Continue reading “Fluid loss”

Five steps to change diets behavior

Diet1. Define the behavior you want to change
Decide for yourself that something will change, instead of just have to hope. By properly describe what exactly white change is your goal clear.
For example: you want to stop every day to eat (the changing behavior) and would henceforth only eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’ve had enough (the target)

2. Listen to your inner voices …
Try the real causes of your eating disorder to discover. This is done for example by keeping a diary. When you get a binge, write down what you just evoor thought, felt or did.
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How to Lose Weight?

Lose Weight dietThe diet treatments, either for its antioxidant, detoxifying or health benefits that help you feel good. Recommend the following resources

Plants for weight loss: are those best known natural products that can enhance the elimination or retention of water and stimulating fat removal.

Food antioxidants: list of natural food substances that protect against free radicals that cause aging processes and some other diseases.
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