How to Lose Belly Fat?

slim and fit.The problem of belly fat plagues many women. In order to solve it, we will introduce how to reduce belly fat by dividing it into three parts: exercise, massage, and diet.

① A set of cardio and muscle training!

Exercise is essential to lose stubborn fat. Aerobic exercise that is effective for fat has an exercise menu such as walking and boxing. However, aerobic exercise alone will not increase muscle, but it will reduce fat. If you don’t stimulate your muscles to enlarge them, your skin will look saggy and swollen without fat. Therefore, aerobic exercise should be combined with strength training. Reduce fat and increase muscle mass to create a leaner body.

Recommended set exercises are squats and walking. Squats are the basic strength training menu. Squats balance out the large muscles in your lower body and tone your stomach and lower body. And walking for aerobic exercise that uses the whole body. Walking is a basic movement, but the amount of walking of modern people has decreased considerably. Make a conscious effort to incorporate walking into your life.

  1. How to squat

1) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing slightly outward.

2) Put both hands forward and stretch your spine

3) Bend your knees and slowly lower your hips, being careful not to bend your back.

4) Lower your hips until your thighs are level with the floor, then slowly straighten your knees and return to your original position.

5) Repeat 15 times

Keep your toes and knees aligned to avoid hurting your knees. If you can afford it, it’s even more effective to do 3 sets.

  1. How to walk

1) Face forward and puff out your chest

2) Walk with your heels on the ground

3) Instead of swinging your arms back and forth, be conscious of swinging your elbows backwards.

The effects of walking begin to appear after about 20 minutes of walking. Aim for 8000 steps a day and try to walk as much as possible. It’s also a good idea to avoid using elevators and escalators when you’re out and about. At home, take 10 minutes in the morning and evening and do squats every day. If you continue this set exercise, you should feel some effect in about 2 weeks.

②Refreshing with a massage!

Next is massage. While exercising to increase your metabolism and muscle mass, relax with a massage to improve blood flow and flush out waste products. It’s a massage that just hits and rubs, so it’s easy.

1) Lightly hold both hands on your stomach

2) Tap the entire abdomen lightly as if knocking.

3) Use both hands to push the entire abdomen in a balanced manner.

4) Open both hands and strongly pinch the belly fat

5) While drawing a clockwise circle with your fingertips, press strongly around the navel.

6) Expand the circle of 5) little by little

7) Strongly press the meat on the side toward the navel

It is a massage that hits, presses and pinches belly fat. The reason you press clockwise is to match the alignment of your bowels. Please go when your body is warm, such as after taking a bath. It’s easier to do if you use cream or oil to smooth your fingers. If you feel pain, stop the massage and rest for a while. Try to devise a way to apply force.

③ Improve with meals!

The last is the meal. No matter how much exercise or massage you do, if you eat as much as you want, it will be difficult to lose belly fat. After the growth period, it is important to control the diet to some extent. Lose belly fat easily by following these simple tips.

  1. Eat carbs at noon

Most people love rice, pasta, and bread. However, when carbohydrates are decomposed in the body, they become sugars, and if taken in excess, they are stored as fat. You can choose not to eat to reduce fat, but it is an important source of energy, so it is not recommended to completely remove it. However, let’s give up eating every meal and only eat during the day.

Focus on eating vegetables and protein (meat, fish, eggs, etc.) in the morning and evening, and allow yourself to eat whatever you want during the active, energy-intensive daytime. That way, you will be able to eat your favorite food at least once a day, so you won’t be stressed and you will be able to avoid eating too much sugar.

  1. Always add hot food to your diet

One of the important things in dieting is to keep your body cool. Coldness invites deterioration of metabolism and swelling, and reduces the effects of exercise and muscle training. Be sure to add a hot soup or other menu to your meal, and eat something warm first to warm your stomach before you start eating.

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