7 Ways to Lose Weight – Without a Diet

Weight LossThe fairy tale of passive fat burning is, of course, just a fairy tale. You have to do a little bit. But only a little. Because it is also possible without daily exercise and tormenting diet. Certain foods and lifestyles fuel our natural fat burning engines. Here are the top 7!

TOP 1 – Do not sleep less than seven hours

Many think slim in your sleep – but lack of sleep can lead to cravings. Not only that we are awake longer and thus have more time to eat. Those who sleep less than seven hours produce more gremlin. The metabolic hormone regulates our feelings of hunger and satiety. In addition, it slows down the energy turnover and thus prevents the fat stores from being broken down overnight.

Researchers from King’s College London even did the math: people who lack sleep eat an average of 385 calories more the following day. That’s about 4.5 slices of bread!

TOP 2 – Drink green tea several times a week

According to a study by the German Institute for Nutritional Research Potsdam, green tea has a positive effect on fat burning. The polyphone it contains reduces body fat gain. The healthy bitter substances also inhibit cravings.

In addition, green tea increases the basal metabolic rate by stimulating heat generation in the body. So: wait, drink tea, and get slim at the same time.

TOP 3 – build muscle

Muscles are our body’s largest combustion engine and our largest metabolic organ. A trained muscle ensures more effective fat burning – even when you are at rest. A kilogram of muscle mass consumes about three times the calories compared to a kilogram of fat tissue!

Lift some dumbbells for five minutes a day, do 3×20 sit-ups or squats or 3×10 push-ups, done.

TOP 4 – Rely on chilli-ginger power

Chili and ginger will make you sweat and melt your body fat. According to a study by Columbia University in New York, the reasons for the positive effect are certain “activators” that stimulate the metabolism and thus burn extra calories.

The ingredient captain contained in chili helps to increase the basal metabolic rate naturally. The Ginger in ginger cleanses the stomach and intestines and activates the detoxification process.

Just a cup of ginger tea and a spoonful of chili powder (in food) a day increases calorie consumption!

TOP 5 – Eat more proteins

That’s where the barbecue season comes in handy! Better to have one more piece of chicken than potato salad and garlic bread. Because: Proteins boost the metabolism and keep you full for longer. This is mainly because the body has to expend a lot more energy to break down proteins into amino acids.

We burn calories as we digest them, so almost a quarter of the nutritional energy in protein goes to waste before it lands on our hips.

It is best to use a mix of plant (tofu, lentils and beans, nuts) and animal protein sources.

TOP 6 – water against fat

Sure, we’ve heard that a lot: drink a lot of water! But did you know that if you drink at least two liters of water a day, your energy expenditure increases by up to 100 calories? By the way, the feeling of hunger is suppressed.

Reason: With a lack of fluids, the entire metabolic processes run very slowly – including the fat metabolism.

TOP 7 – Take a cold shower

Lowering body temperature has been shown to have a positive effect on fat burning. A Harvard study showed that people who stayed in colder rooms for 10 days burned more fat.

But even a cold shower (or a contrast shower) can have a similar effect! This is because the body needs energy to maintain its temperature.

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