How to Lose Belly Fat ?

dietBelly fat is a phenomenon known to many people, especially people who do not exercise regularly, and consume unhealthy foods as part of the menu.

It is manifested both in an aesthetic and visible way, and in general health over time. In the next article we will talk about abdominal fat and what can be done to get rid of it. Continue reading “How to Lose Belly Fat ?”

5 Weight Loss Traps That Slow Down Your Metabolism

lose belly fatWeight loss traps that slow down your metabolism. It doesn’t always have to be the large-scale cardio unit and equipment training in the gym – even small areas of movement in everyday life has many health benefits.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends around 150 minutes of moderate exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week to stay healthy and fit. In this way you prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of other diseases such as diabetes. Continue reading “5 Weight Loss Traps That Slow Down Your Metabolism”

If you change these 7 things in everyday life, you don’t need a diet

Weight LossThe pants pinch, the T-shirt tightens – the thought of a diet is big. But it doesn’t always have to be weight loss cures: If these seven things are changed in everyday life, it’s easy to lose weight along the way.

A diet is often associated with many restrictions: either entire food groups such as pasta, rice, potatoes and bread are excluded – as in a low-crab diet – or only certain nutrient groups such as carbohydrates and protein may be eaten separately – the principle of Insulin food combining diet. Continue reading “If you change these 7 things in everyday life, you don’t need a diet”

Should I Skip Breakfast or Dinner?

healthy dietsDinner canceling is a popular way to lose weight. But does it really make a difference when we fast—morning or evening? In fact, a new scientific study has a clear answer to this question: If you want to lose weight, you should skip dinner – or at least make it less sumptuous than breakfast. And that’s because of our metabolism. Continue reading “Should I Skip Breakfast or Dinner?”

3 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Healthy

Successful Weight Loss GoalChocoholics have known for a long time: Eating chocolate is healthy and makes you happy! However, only if you take a quick look at the list of ingredients when buying chocolate and pay attention to something specific.

Not only Bridget Jones loves chocolate for breakfast: Stars like Eva Gloria, Alyssa Milan or Kyle Ming can’t get enough of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Healthy”

7 Ways to Lose Weight – Without a Diet

Weight LossThe fairy tale of passive fat burning is, of course, just a fairy tale. You have to do a little bit. But only a little. Because it is also possible without daily exercise and tormenting diet. Certain foods and lifestyles fuel our natural fat burning engines. Here are the top 7! Continue reading “7 Ways to Lose Weight – Without a Diet”

How to Lose Belly Fat?

slim and fit.The problem of belly fat plagues many women. In order to solve it, we will introduce how to reduce belly fat by dividing it into three parts: exercise, massage, and diet.

â‘  A set of cardio and muscle training!

Exercise is essential to lose stubborn fat. Aerobic exercise that is effective for fat has an exercise menu such as walking and boxing. However, aerobic exercise alone will not increase muscle, but it will reduce fat. If you don’t stimulate your muscles to enlarge them, your skin will look saggy and swollen without fat. Therefore, aerobic exercise should be combined with strength training. Reduce fat and increase muscle mass to create a leaner body. Continue reading “How to Lose Belly Fat?”