Women’s Pursuit of Slim Body

obesityEveryone has a love for beauty and slim body, especially women. Most women are very concerned about their appearance and want to have a beautiful face and a perfect body.

In order to make them more perfect, some women will try many methods to learn skin care, make-up and dressing, all of which can be achieved quickly, only maintaining a good figure is the most difficult, and creating a good figure is the most difficult. A good figure requires not only action, but also long-term persistence.

Weight loss is always a frequent topic among women, because in Asia, a slim body is what they see as a good body. Some women insist on dieting in order to lose weight, in order not to make themselves fat and to have a slim and thin figure, but it affects their health. Is it necessary to have a thin figure to be the good figure they want?

Under the premise of pursuing beauty, we must first maintain a healthy body, so as to create a healthy and perfect body. Realized the importance of health, and then she understood how to lose weight to maintain her figure. She once pursued a slim and thin figure before, and tried dieting to lose weight, but she found that such a method would make her body very weak and her figure did not improve. Really able to shape a good figure, only through exercise and fitness to achieve the goal.

In order to achieve the goal of a good figure chose to go to the gym to check in. The gym has complete equipment and can receive professional training. But she did not go to the gym to lose weight, but to build a strong and healthy figure after exercising well. Weighs 90 pounds. For her height of 168 cm, her figure is relatively thin. Although she wants to lose weight, she does not want to go to the gym to gain weight.

When first went to the strength training area of ​​the gym, she found that it was full of men training to build muscle, and not a single woman. She became curious, and after consulting with a fitness trainer, she joined the strength training area. She liked the feeling of weight training and started using strength training to help shape her body and build muscle curves. Although everyone looked at her differently, didn’t care and just focused on her training.

Insisted on fitness for 2 years, her physical fitness has become stronger, and her figure has also changed a lot. From the photos she shared, it can be seen that she has obvious muscles, but she is not as developed and strong as men, but a bit close to the thick and powerful figure of European and American women. This is similar to the perfect body wanted to pursue when she first entered the gym. A really good figure is not a slim figure that has lost weight, but a good figure that is healthy and attractive at the same time.

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