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Want to weight lose quickly and without stress? Try diet, commonly known as the stewardess diet. Lose 3 to 5 kg in 4 days!

Weight lose method is a popular diet and weight loss method, known as the flight attendant weight loss method. The weight loss time only lasts for 4 days, and the effect is immediate. The challenge for dieters is to eat only the prescribed high-protein foods within 4 days to achieve the goal of losing weight, and control the intake of other nutritious foods within 3 weeks after 4 days to achieve the purpose of maintaining weight.

All fast weight loss diets are based on the principle of a high-protein diet, and diet is no exception. Only eat fish, lean meat, eggs, high-fiber foods and vegetables during the diet. What makes it unique is eating vegetables as raw as possible and cooking food without any oil at all. Absolutely no carbohydrates, fats, dairy products and alcohol.

No diet because you can eat as much as you want. The diet process is only 4 days, and there will be no weight loss depression and all kinds of stress. The most important thing is that the weight loss is effective quickly, and there is no need to wait for months.

Because of the inability to consume certain foods, nutrients are easily lost, leading to fatigue and weakness. Therefore, this weight loss method is only suitable for people who are in good health, not for people with poor health conditions.

Weight Loss Method is a boon for anyone who wants to shed a few kilos in a few days. But keep in mind that there are health risks if you lose more than 5kg. And if you reduce addiction and implement a diet plan for more than 4 days, it is likely to cause nutritional deficiencies and endanger your health!

How to maintain after losing weight?

After a 4-day diet to lose weight, you must re-intake carbohydrates, fats and dairy products, and pay attention to eating in small amounts to avoid weight rebound. The three weeks after losing weight is a weight stabilization period, so you must be careful not to eat too fatty or too sweet food, otherwise the lost meat will easily come back to you!

Slimming Method prohibits any snacks other than three meals: this is also a good habit to develop in daily life, because it is a pre-condition to avoid fat upper body.

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