What you need to know before going to Yoga

YogaBefore starting Yoga, beginners face many questions. How do I choose the right type of yoga for me? Are classes safe for the untrained body? Is it possible not to go to the gym, but to study online from home? Healthy People asked these and other questions to yoga trainer Kristina.

How to understand the types of yoga and choose your direction


First of all, you need to understand the goal. Why go there? For every request, modern yoga can offer some kind of direction. Someone spends a lot of time at the computer, feels that the body is stiff and needs to unbend. It is difficult for someone to breathe – breathing techniques are needed. Someone needs to stretch their muscles after a serious physical exertion – stretching will help. Someone wants to relieve stress – spiritual practices, meditations can be useful for him.

For example, yoga Indra works more with the brain, consciousness and subconscious than with the physical body. This is the practice of stopping internal dialogues. I, on the contrary, deal exclusively with the physical aspect of yoga. Although I myself am interested in spiritual practices, I do not undertake to teach them. My yoga is about strength and flexibility. I stretch people, put them on splits and teach them to listen to the body.

Now yoga has become a buzzword, it is added as a prefix to various activities. You can meet fly yoga, acre yoga, even beer yoga (what it is, I don’t even want to delve into it). Before you go to class, it is recommended to find out what this or that yoga is. In fact, it can be just gymnastic classes in pairs.

It’s also important to get the details right. For example, yoga in hammocks, which is now fashionable, has two directions: relaxation and recovery (for injured people) and acrobatic training on canvases. Agree, these are completely different types of load. For beginners, for the first acquaintance with yoga, the popular direction of hath yoga is often advised. It includes articular gymnastics, breathing practices, not very difficult Astana and meditations.


But the same hath yoga will be different for different teachers. A phlegmatic trainer will conduct classes in a measured, calm rhythm. The choleric will have a higher speed. In yoga, you need to follow the teacher. If you match with him, everything will work out. You can often see how similar people gather in one group – not only to each other, but also to their coach. Such an interesting effect. So my advice: decide on a goal and choose a teacher for yourself.

Is it possible to do yoga at home on your own, using YouTube videos?


 Starting with YouTube is dangerous. Bloggers are not responsible for your health. If for some reason you prefer self-study, you still need to first, albeit not for long, but walk with a group. There they will rebuild you, teach you the correct technique for performing Astana, tell you about the nuances, and answer any questions. When you understand what and how happens in the body, you can switch to online classes.

Why is stretching so important? Why sit on the twine? What does it give the female body?

With a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles of the press and the back of the thigh are shortened, the chest becomes sunken, the neck moves forward. Then the face begins to deform – the cheeks hang down, the neck shortens, the shoulders rise, the volume of the lungs decreases, the center of balance shifts.

In yoga, we stretch the muscles of the legs, arms, abs, strengthen the muscles of the back. And return to normal posture. As for the appearance of a woman, posture is important, I think there is no need to say. Stretching the inner surface of the thigh increases blood flow in the pelvic organs, which helps to cure congestive processes. Yoga can even ease the soreness of critical days. But it is important to remember: during this period, inverted Astana, twists and pumping of the press are prohibited.

Is it possible to get injured in yoga?

– Not excluded. Yoga involves back bends, balance stances, inverted Astana, it’s almost acrobatics. The coach explains in detail what happens to the body at one time or another, controls the correct execution and does not force you to do something that a person is not ready for. But sometimes people hide their injuries. I don’t know why this happens. I came across women who forgot to talk about such a serious problem as a fracture of the spine during the first lesson. Fortunately, we managed to figure it out before the difficult Astana began.

It happens that doctors recommend to patients with spinal problems to look like yoga for recovery. It is not right. It is necessary to send such patients to Pilates or exercise therapy, but not to yoga.

As for healthy people, it happens that a beginner stretches on a drive, he wants a greater load. Here you have to hold on so that he does not get a muscle strain. How his body will react, it will be possible to find out only the next day. And already then plan the load.

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