What Is Breakfast To Prevent Old Age And Obesity?

What Is Breakfast To Prevent Old Age And Obesity?Toast and coffee for breakfast. Isn’t it easy for many people to finish their meals on a busy morning? It is troublesome to even bake bread, and some people may say that sweet buns at convenience stores and canned coffee with plenty of sugar are standard.

However, with this, there is no nutrition other than sugar! The refined wheat flour used for bread is in a state where dietary fiber and minerals are removed. Nourishment is almost lost. And both carbohydrates and sugar in bread are sugars.

Prevent Old Age And Obesity?

Carbohydrates are an important energy source for moving the body, but do you know that this sugar is actually the main cause of accelerating aging?

When you eat bread on an empty stomach, your blood sugar level rises sharply, and a hormone called insulin is secreted at once in an attempt to lower your blood sugar level. And insulin is a great enemy that also stops the secretion of growth hormone necessary for youth!

To make matters worse, while insulin is being released, fat cannot be decomposed, and excess sugar that cannot be used up is converted into fat, which makes it easier for you to get fat on your stomach.

And in the morning, it is a time when the amount of cortical, a hormone, is high in the body. Cortical is also known as a stress hormone and acts like a switch to awaken the sleeping body, so the peak of secretion is in the morning.

The trouble is that cortical works faster to turn sugar into fat, which makes it easier to get fat if you eat too much bread first thing in the morning.

What’s more, coffee stimulates cortical secretion!!! In other words, the breakfast of coffee and bread is the worst combination!

If you don’t want to get old or get fat, we recommend that you eat a salad full of leafy vegetables with good quality oil and protein for breakfast.

For those who say I don’t have that much time, how about an egg smoothie with green juice powder? Just put the ingredients in a blender and turn it for several tens of seconds, and you will have an ideal breakfast where you can get the nutrition of protein and leafy vegetables.

August style egg smoothie recipe

When I introduce the recipe, many people shy away from saying raw eggs are a little unpleasant at first, but when you try them, they say it’s delicious! And I don’t think they contain a lot of raw eggs. I’m surprised. You can enjoy various things depending on the arrangement, such as adding tomatoes for a gazpacho-like taste and adding coconut milk for a milkshake-like taste.

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