Why do Women Gain Weight as they Age in Life?

young mothersGirls are easy to gain weight once they are over 35! A female doctors explain 3 major types of obesity in detail, and show you how to lose weight from the perspective of traditional medicine.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, it is not easy for a woman’s body to convert food into energy from the age of 35, and the food you eat will be directly converted into fat and cholesterol, causing obesity.

At the same time, the body will turn yin and empty. When the body is wet and cold, and cannot replenish, even if you try to control your diet and do more exercise, it is easy to do white work.

Most people think that only men need to take care of the kidneys, but in fact, the kidneys are more important to women! From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney has innate energy, and it loses more with age. From the perspective of Western medicine, the kidney will affect the secretion of female hormones, which will reduce the function of fat decomposition. Therefore, after the age of 35, women are particularly prone to obesity.

I want to lose weight: If you take care of your kidneys, you must lose weight! In the book, the three major types of obesity are explained in detail, and the fat is treated according to the symptoms.

  1. Eating too much, eating too full = eating poison constitution prone to constipation, often eat too much, like fried food, carnivorous, excessive visceral fat.

Ways to lose weight: skip one bite of each meal, and increase the amount of activity slightly by walking briskly, getting off the bus one stop earlier, etc.

  1. Poor circulation in the body = blood stasis constitution Poor blood circulation leads to poor metabolism, easy shoulder and neck pain, cold hands and feet, and obvious dark circles.

Weight loss method: pay attention to keeping your body warm, take more baths, and consume a lot of high-quality protein, and you must express your stress well.

  1. Easy to edema = water poisoning constitution It is not easy to expel water from the body, or lack of water, easy to edema, indigestion, and thirst.

Weight loss method: Eat foods that are easier to digest, and exercise from simple items that do not accumulate lactic acid.

If you do not take good care of the kidney, liver and spleen, even if you change your diet and exercise regularly, the effect will be limited. We often hear that metabolism affects the body, but what exactly is metabolism? In fact, metabolism is the process of converting food into energy.

Among the five internal organs of the human body according to traditional Chinese medicine, the following three organs will directly affect the function of metabolism:

Kidney: The female hormones in charge are reduced, and the fat decomposition function will be reduced.

Spleen: Responsible for the digestive function, if the function of the spleen declines, the stomach will be affected.

Liver: Controls the autonomic nervous system, the autonomic nervous system is disordered, making you want to eat even when you are not hungry.

When fat breakdown slows down, digestive function deteriorates, and unnecessary appetite is added, after the age of 35, it is difficult to not gain weight! Sleep, diet, exercise – the three keys to losing weight, with the goal of nourishing the kidneys, you can get it right in one go!

Maintaining the three parts of kidney, liver and spleen is equivalent to improving the three major factors that cause obesity at the same time: endocrine, gastrointestinal and autonomic nervous system.

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