What Exercise Is the Best for Weight Loss

lose weightDon’t worry, losing weight is actually a technical job. Instead of going on a diet and eating weight loss products, it is better to actually exercise. What? Not sure which exercise is best for weight loss? Have been sweating at the gym, but why can’t you lose weight?

Life Times interviewed a number of experts to answer various questions about exercise and weight loss. If you want to thin into a lightning bolt, don’t miss it.

Exercise for 30 minutes to lose weight

For busy office workers, exercising for 20 minutes a day is a more common choice. But many people wonder, why do I keep exercising every day, but I don’t lose weight, and some are even fatter than before?

Beijing No. 1 Fitness senior personal trainer told the Life Times reporter that the reason why he insisted on exercising not to lose weight but to gain weight may be three mistakes.

  1. The aerobic exercise time is less than 30 minutes, and the weight loss effect cannot be achieved.

In the first 30 minutes of exercising, the body consumes water and sugar, and after 30 minutes it starts to consume fat. Water and sugar reduction can only temporarily reduce weight, and only fat consumption can really achieve weight loss.

This is like spending the first 30 minutes of cash in the wallet, and after 30 minutes of swiping the card is the deposit in the bank. Short-term exercise will reduce blood sugar in the body and cause hunger. If you eat and drink heavily after exercise, you will gain weight.

  1. Many people’s exercise methods are confusing and unscientific.

Exercise and weight loss must have a complete plan to get twice the result with half the effort.

  1. Exercise intensity is also an influencing factor.

Exercise to lose weight is to promote energy consumption. In the same time of exercise, the energy consumption of high intensity is definitely more than that of low intensity, so the weight loss effect is more obvious. Xiao Liu does not exercise enough time and intensity every day.

The trainer suggested that people who rely on exercise to lose weight should exercise for 1-2 hours each time, within the range that the body can bear, no less than moderate-intensity exercise, mainly moderate-speed running, skipping rope and other aerobic exercise, and then cooperate with appropriate strength training. In order to pursue the effect of losing weight, some people blindly increase the time and intensity of exercise is not advisable, it will only make people exhausted, and even lead to insomnia.

walk, run, lose weight

Poor endurance, you have to walk a few steps after a few steps… Are you ashamed or even annoyed because you can’t last for half an hour when you run? In fact, this way of walking and running is not necessarily bad. An associate professor of physical education and training at Beijing Sport University, told the Life Times reporter that walking and running are more conducive to weight loss.

Trainer pointed out that there are two kinds of sports for walking and running. One is the alternate running training of professional athletes. This kind of training can play a role in enhancing cardiopulmonary function. The other is to increase physical endurance and achieve the purpose of losing weight by alternating between jogging and brisk walking for ordinary exercisers.

To lose weight through exercise, two conditions must be met. One is to ensure that the exercise heart rate is maintained within the specified range, and the other is to ensure the duration of continuous exercise. However, people who need to lose weight often have poor physical fitness. When they first start running, they are out of breath and unable to run within a few minutes. At this time, you can change from running to brisk walking, wait until your breathing is a little easier and you feel more energetic, then run again, and then change to brisk walking when you can’t run anymore.

Generally speaking, the elderly and those who do not exercise for a long time are more suitable for walking and running. Exercise time, distance, and frequency vary according to each person’s physique and number of workouts. People who are new to exercising usually walk for 1 minute first, then jog at a speed of 100 meters per minute for 1 minute, and so on alternately. Increase the amount of exercise every 2 weeks, and change to walking for 2 minutes, then running at 100 meters per minute for 2 minutes, and so on.

Exercise to lose weight, don’t go hungry

Many people who lose weight have a question, should they eat before and after exercise? How to supplement nutrition?

In this regard, a professional fitness coach told the Life Times reporter that you must eat something easy to digest before exercising, such as bananas, raisins, sports drinks containing high carbohydrates, etc., which can also achieve the effect of losing weight. And no discomfort due to low blood sugar. Also, you should eat 30 minutes before exercising. Avoid indigestible foods such as fats and proteins.

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