Is It the Right Way to Lose Weight?

DietingPhysicians share 10 common ways to lose weight, reminding the public that it is not good to go too far In recent years, many weight loss methods have become popular on the Internet. Some of them are wrong myths, and some of them are correct concepts, but because they are too extreme, they strive to achieve quick results, which leads to the opposite effect.

The attending weight management physician of Clinic, shared 10 heard and heard weight loss methods and their correct interpretation on Facebook.

  • I heard that 168 intermittent fasting is helpful

The result: simply eat one meal a day.

Positive solution: out that even if you eat healthy food, the intake of protein is still not enough. It is difficult for the human body to absorb more than 50 grams of protein in one meal. Low protein will make it difficult to reduce body fat.

Moreover, it is easy for people to feel that eating only one meal a day will easily lead to a cycle of overeating and anorexia, and the intestinal bacteria will also be trained to become fat bacteria that can absorb calories. What you eat is better than not eating. Much more important.

Dr. suggested that at least two meals a day allow time for protein to be absorbed, and the pressure on the body will be less.

  • I heard that more exercise helps

Result: Exercising frantically every day, 7 days a week, becomes an over training syndrome. Not eating enough and exercising too much will make the body judge a severe environment, which will reduce metabolism and make it difficult to lose fat.

Correct solution: Dr. Say reminds that unless you are a well-trained athlete, if you just love sports, take at least one rest and one rest. The ratio of heavy training and aerobics should be 2:1, so that the body has a chance to rest. Exercise for 90 minutes.

  • I heard that you will not lose weight if you do not exercise and control your diet

The result: no exercise at all, and no diet control.

Correct answer: Dr. said that you will look good when you exercise, and you can’t rely on diet alone.

  • I heard that eating fruit is healthy

Result: Only eat apples to lose weight.

Correct solution: Dr. explained that when there is zero protein, and only starch and fructose are ingested, the body shape of a puff man with less muscle and fat will soon be formed.

  • I heard that eating too much fruit will cause fatty liver

Result: I dare not eat fruit at all.

Positive solution: Dr. said that a fistful of fruit a day does not contain much fructose, and the petrochemicals, vitamins and fibers of fruit are still helpful to the body

  • I heard that eating less will make you lose weight

Result: Just fast and drink only water.

Positive solution: People with a BMI>30 who fast and only drink water can lose 95% of their body fat, but people with low body fat will lose half of their muscle on fasting.

Dr. said that the body only wants us to live. After fasting, we burn muscles to reduce metabolism and retain the fat in the waist, so that people who are not fat can survive the famine.

  • I heard that eating fat will not make you fat

Result: Nuts, meat control, and creamy eating. Although they are all good oil, they are full of fat all over the body.

Positive solution: Dr. pointed out that the calorific value of oil is still very amazing, and the combination of refined starch and oil can damage blood vessels. Unless you cook it yourself, food coated in flour and braised meat contain sugar or refined starch. Try to take omega-3-rich oils (deep-sea fish and nuts), avoid omega-6 products such as soybean oil and peanut oil, and let omega3 and 6 = 1: 4 in order to resist inflammation and oxidation.

  • I heard that eating less starch can help you lose weight

Result: Seeing starch is like seeing a ghost.

Positive solution: Dr. said that the positive solution is that muscles and liver can store 1000-2000 calories of starch, so it really doesn’t matter if you eat it occasionally.

  • I heard that cutting sugar can reduce weight

Result: Panicked to see 1 gram of sugar in nutritional package

Correct solution: Dr. explained that 2 grams of sugar is 8 calories, which can be ignored.

  • I heard that eating sugar substitutes is not good

Results: I feel that eating sugar substitutes is not good for the body.

Positive solution: Dr. explained that sugar substitutes are not synthesized in the laboratory and have low stimulation to insulin. Even artificially synthesized aspartame has not been found to harm the human body after more than 30 years of research. . Although aspartame stimulates insulin, it is still better than refined sugar.

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