What to Eat at Night?

How to lose weight with chopsticksEat at night may be necessary to prevent other bad situations for some people. A general rule in this regard is to complete the meal course 3 hours before bedtime.

Preferred food at night; It should be the type that is not high in calories, does not interfere with sleep, causes reflux and keeps you feeling full.

Take a look at our list of foods to choose from, avoiding sugar and blending a trio of fats, carbs and protein.

What to eat at night?

Bowl oatmeal may have a calming effect on the nervous system. Oats are rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon and magnesium needed to maintain a healthy sleep.

Honey can be a snack instead of sweets and contains a natural compound called origin, which is needed to prepare the brain for sleep.


Due to their high protein content, tuna is slow to digest and is a good snack at night. Foods low in calories and sugar for a good night’s sleep.


It is an ideal dairy product in terms of high protein and slow digestion. You can eat a few strawberries to sweeten the cheese.

Fiber Cereals and Milk

Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates that increase serotonin for a calm and restful sleep. Fiber grains digest slowly overnight, and milk provides serenity.

Boiled egg

Eggs are very rich in protein and will be a slow-digesting and sleep aid snack overnight.


As a low-fat and high-fiber food, bananas keep the hormones serotonin and melanin stable, which help you relax and sleep. Bananas help to relax tired and inoperable muscles thanks to their magnesium and potassium content.


Small fruits that are a natural source of melanin have a relaxing and calming effect when eaten at night. You can choose fresh cherry juice or frozen cherries, all of which have the same effect.


If you are starving, you can eat almonds before going to bed. Its fat content provides a feeling of satiety, while its magnesium content protects the heart to help you fall asleep.

Nighttime Meals I don’t mean to eat what’s in the fridge. You should select foods that help you sleep and do not bother you.

How to get rid of the habit of eating at night?

How not to eat at night? If you’re one of those people asking, the answer is simple. A balanced and appropriate diet throughout the day.

If you don’t want to eat at night, you need to eat foods that help you balance your blood sugar and avoid junk food throughout the day. Don’t keep junk food at home and keep it busy that makes you forget your cravings for the night.

What is Night Eating Syndrome, and How Is It Treated?

Night-Eating Syndrome Also known as eating disorder, this condition is an eating disorder in which people usually wake up at night when they eat large amounts of food after dinner. People with this condition may delay the first meal of the day for several hours.

Still, experts in Night Eating Syndrome they don’t know much about, but the situation continues to be studied.

What Causes Night Eating Syndrome?

Doctors aren’t sure what causes Night Eating Syndrome. However, some studies show that this may be related to the sleep-wake cycle and some hormonal problems.

Binge-eating disorder behavioral therapy

What are the symptoms of Night Eating Syndrome?

People with Night Eating Syndrome eat nonstop at night. Typically, they are not hungry in the early morning.

They can postpone the first meal of the day for many hours. Then, after dinner, you can eat at least one-third or more of what you eat every day.

This diet cannot be explained by changes in a person’s sleep schedule or community life (eg, late-night eating habits). People with this concern feel regret and guilt about eating at night.

Night Eating Syndrome Sleepers have sleep issues, including trouble sleeping and staying asleep. People with this issue are more likely to become obese.

Depressive night eating syndrome is very common in people who have:

How is Night Eating Syndrome Diagnosed?

Night Eating Syndrome is now classified as an Other Specific Nutritional or Eating Disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition.

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