Jimin’s Secret Diets to Maintaining 41 Kg

รูปภาพ ค้นพบโดย ੈ♡˳ᴍɪᴍɪ ⁷สำรวจ (และบันทึก!) รูปภาพและวีดีโอของคุณบน We Heart It | Bts jimin, Jimin, Park jiminRecently, Jimin, a member of AOA, became a hot topic when revealing his paper-like body. In her previous interview, Jimin`s revealed that the secret diets to maintaining her weight of 40 kg is one meal a day.

How effective are diets such as one meal a day, high fat diet, and intermittent fasting that many stars use? And are there any side effects from this diet? Let’s find out together how to diet and its side effects.

1 meal a day diet

BTS' Jimin's voice moves thousands to tears in latest BTS cover - Music Mundial NewsThe one meal a day diet is a diet that started in Japan, and it is a method of consuming only the nutrients that the body requires rather than eating three meals a day. The most important thing here is to secure the fasting state for a certain period of time and take in the nutrients you need for the day.

Because of the notion that we should eat three meals a day even though we are not hungry, if we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner all the time, we can get over nutrition. Do. The best way is to eat around 3-5 o’clock and go to bed early to secure time on an empty stomach.

However, side effects from this can lead to malnutrition if one meal does not contain all nutrients, and overeating and gluttony can occur at the thought of only eating one meal a day.

High fat diet

Daily Jimin #3 : r/heungtanThe principle of a high-fat diet is to limit the intake of carbohydrates extremely and use ketones, which are metabolites of fatty acids, as the main energy source. As a result, insulin secretion is lowered, preventing the accumulation of fat in the body, and eating a lot of protein instead of carbohydrates increases the feeling of fullness, so it is effective for dieting.

A representative method of a high-fat diet is the ‘Bulletproof Coffee Diet’. However, caution should be taken as a high-fat diet can cause heart disease and lead to nutrient imbalances.

Intermittent fasting diet

Jimin: Oct. 13 | If You're a Libra, You'll Have a Ton of Traits in Common With These 46 Celebrities | POPSUGAR Celebrity Photo 2There are two typical methods of intermittent fasting. There are 5:2 methods and 16:8 methods. 5:8 means regular eating on the 5th day, fasting for 24 hours on the 2nd day, and 16:8 means eating within 8 hours after fasting for 16 hours. Most choose the 16:8 methods, which recommends having lunch and dinner within 8 hours without eating breakfast.

Similar to the diet methods above, this can lead to overeating and gluttony due to the obsessive compulsive notion that meals are set per day, and eating only desired foods can lead to nutritional imbalance.

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