Why Is He Not Overweight and Not Very Fat, But His Belly Is Very Big?

flat slimWhether it is in our fitness training or in our daily life, we will encounter some various problems more or less.

For example, such a question, that is why I am not overweight, nor very fat, but my belly is very big? I don’t know if you have thought about this issue.

But on this issue, what I want to say is that the reason why we are not fat all over the body, but only have a big belly, is largely due to the accumulation of excessive visceral fat.

The so-called internal fat refers to the fat that exists around our internal organs, or in the internal organs. For example, there is generally more fat stored around our liver.

In addition, about visceral fat, we have to know that visceral fat is different from our subcutaneous fat, which can be touched, and visceral fat cannot be seen or grasped by us.

Also, what we should know is that if we accumulate too much visceral fat, it will cause more troubles, such as fatty liver or three highs that we often say.

That is to say, if our belly is relatively large and firm, then this may be a bad sign. We may have to lose weight and reduce fat, so that the visceral fat in our body can get a certain amount of fat.

So next, I will introduce 3 methods that can help us reduce visceral fat very well, I hope it can help you effectively.

  1. Reasonable fitness exercise

Generally speaking, fitness exercise is a better way to lose weight and lose fat, whether it is to lose subcutaneous fat that we can touch, or to lose visceral fat that we cannot touch.

In the process of fitness exercise, the better way should be anaerobic strength training with aerobic exercise, so that we can have a better weight loss and fat reduction effect, and it is best to do anaerobic strength training first, Go for aerobic exercise like running.

  1. Proper diet control

In our daily diet, if we want to reduce our visceral fat, it is best to eat less or not eat foods high in oil and sugar, such as fried foods and sweets.

Diet control is very important for our weight loss and fat loss. If we do not do well enough to effectively control our diet, it will be almost impossible to lose our visceral fat.

  1. Be as active as possible and exercise as much as possible

Generally speaking, if we have something to do when we go out, if we have enough time, it is best not to use any means of transportation, but to use walking, because what we need to know is that walking is also a very good exercise. It can help us lose our visceral fat and lose our big belly.

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