Why Does Weight Loss Keep Failing? 

dietSelf-efficacy refers to the confidence that we can immediately build useful plans and execute well-thought-out countermeasures when we encounter problems. When self-efficacy is high, we believe that we can do it and achieve our goals. Simply put, it’s about having courage.

Self-efficacy is also closely related to our ability to work hard to achieve our goals, our ability to withstand extreme pressure in the face of difficulties, and our ability to challenge again when we encounter setbacks.

If we can maintain a steady sense of self-efficacy, we can gain the strength to work hard and believe that our lives can be reinvigorated at any time.

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Based on this characteristic, I view self-efficacy as a branch of the tree of self-affirmation. Countless twigs are derived from the trunk, and even if they are broken, new ones will grow, and self-efficacy expands our world like this. In addition, when self-efficacy is low, like a tree with only a trunk, no leaves, and no flowers, it naturally fails to generate action. Therefore, even if you have established a plan that you want to accomplish, you will think that you can’t do it. When we face such a situation, how should we respond?

Once you have decided to do it, you must produce results. Be sure to follow your own rules. In this case, Miss Saito has a serious personality. She is a young woman in her twenties.

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I don’t know if she is influenced by perfectionism, although Miss Saito is shrewd and capable, but only losing weight has made her repeatedly frustrated, which is why she came to me for consultation. To find out why she failed, I asked her which diets she had tried in the past, and found that she was not on the extreme diets that are prone to failure, such as fasting or only eating certain foods.

Miss Saito is taking the most orthodox weight loss method, which is to control calories and match them with exercise. However, she also set strict rules for herself, such as never eat cake during the weight loss period and never eat anything after eight o’clock in the evening.

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Unfortunately, the plan is always unable to keep up with the changes. Sometimes, friends recommend her to eat delicious cakes, or in order to have dinner with customers, she has to eat dinner after 8 o’clock. Every time this happens, she can’t forgive herself for eating cake and eating after eight o’clock in the evening, and feels that she is incompetent.

But it was a mistake during the weight loss period. She thought that she was weak-willed and began to deny herself. She couldn’t get out of the frustration of eating things you shouldn’t eat, and then gave up the weight loss plan. After a cooling-off period of several months, she started a new weight loss plan, but unexpectedly broke the strict rules again, and the result was not as expected… She fell into an infinite reincarnation.

But only one mistake, why can’t you stick to it?

What do you think is the reason for Miss Saito’s decline in self-efficacy? She believes that her behavior of eating things you shouldn’t eat and breaking your precepts when you shouldn’t eat things represents a failure to lose weight. In fact, these are not failures, nor will they cause a decrease in self-efficacy. The real problem is the setting of goals, and the rules for achieving them.

The goal you set cannot be a vague I want to lose weight, but a very clear and specific goal, such as I will successfully lose 0 kg in a few months and a few days. Not only that, but in order to achieve your goals, you must think carefully about what to do with each step, and set a few easy-to-achieve small goals.

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