How to lose Visceral Fat

Healthy LifeVisceral fat is a type of fat in the body, mainly found in the abdominal cavity. According to statistics, the probability of male visceral fat exceeding the standard is much greater than that of females, so we can often see that many males have fat stomachs, especially middle-aged males.

In fact, a certain amount of visceral fat is actually necessary for the human body, because visceral fat surrounds human organs and plays a role in supporting, stabilizing and protecting human internal organs, while excessive visceral fat occupies limited abdominal space.

First, it will oppress the organs and affect their normal function. In addition, due to the action of hormones, visceral fat is more likely to increase the formation of cholesterol in blood vessels than subcutaneous fat, and at the same time increases insulin resistance, resulting in increased insulin. Therefore, visceral fat causes diabetes, atherosclerosis, gout and other diseases, which lead to appears to be detrimental to health.

Lose Visceral Fat

The reasons for excessive visceral fat are mainly due to heredity, unreasonable diet structure, and too little exercise. Most men have relatively low body requirements, and they prefer to drink and eat meat in life. These are the excess visceral fat in men than in women. s reason.

At the same time, from a physiological point of view, male fat is mainly concentrated in the abdomen, arms or legs and other parts of the fat accumulation are less, while women’s fat is more accumulated in other parts, relatively speaking, the accumulation of fat in the abdomen will be less. , This is also the reason why men are prone to excessive visceral fat.

Losing visceral fat is equivalent to a more difficult weight loss, because visceral fat is more difficult to lose than subcutaneous fat. The most important thing to reduce visceral fat is to abide by the principle of eating less and moving more. The first is to control the diet, mainly light diet, and eat less high-sugar and high-fat food, especially meat and animal offal.

Secondly, to insist on exercising, you can formulate a fitness plan and use scientific exercise methods to exercise. You can choose jogging, walking, push-up and other methods to achieve the purpose of reducing visceral fat.

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