Five Healthy Tips for Not Gaining Weight in Summer

Cucumber dietLearn to eat tapas in a healthy way during the holidays or to enjoy ice cream without gaining extra kilos

The arrival of the holidays causes a breakdown in daily life that in the case of food usually brings quite negative consequences. Gaining weight during summer is increasingly common, but also avoidable if we take into account some easy-to-follow guidelines:

  1. Opt for healthy tapas

In summer, visits to the beach bar for tapas or eating become common. For this reason, it would be advisable to try to choose the healthiest dishes such as salads or fish to eat and the less caloric skewers for tapas such as anchovies, sardines, grilled squid, mussels, pickles, octopus or Iberian ham.

  1. Drink juices instead of alcohol

Water is the ideal source of hydration, but in summer you can also drink fruit juices to refresh yourself and even join the trend for green smoothies. It is advisable not to abuse alcohol. Beer or red wine are the best option of all alcoholic beverages, always in moderation. If you decide soft drinks, always remember to ask for them low in sugar.

  1. Choose the right ice cream

It is the quintessential summer dessert and despite its bad reputation, we can even take it daily. It is only necessary to find out which are the healthiest types. Those made of ice are the ones with the least calories, and those of yogurt and fruits the healthiest. A good option is to prepare them at home.

  1. Turn to salads

During the summer months, you spend more time on the street, and you hardly have time to cook, so full salads become one of the best options. You can select different types of lettuce or even make them with spinach. Add fruits, vegetables, cold cuts, cheese, nuts, seeds, etc. with different to create a quick, healthy and fresh dish.

  1. Get moving

Although the days of vacations are to relax, it is not necessary to be lying on the deckchair 24 hours a day. Keeping fit for a while is much easier and more fun than you might think. Take advantage of the beach days to go for a walk or play paddle tennis, and the pool days to do a few laps. Have fun with your friends playing a football game or racing with the bike.

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