Eating well, Losing Weight Lasts! Tired of Losing Weight?

Energy DietBreaking ketones and detonating carbon are new terms that have appeared in the trend of beauty and health diets in the past two years.

In 2020, Tian Anshi’s new series Tian Anshi’s Carbohydrate Recycling Diet hopes to find more freedom and balance between the discipline and dogma of a sugar-restricted diet and a free diet.

Eating well

Over the past 30 years, modern people have been suffering from overweight and obesity. From the traditional diet of eating less and moving more, to the concept of ketogenic and sugar-reduced diets in recent years, the concept of fat-reduction has changed to As long as you eat less starch, you can I will definitely lose weight. But to be implemented in real life, asceticism is far more unsustainable than imagined, so there are so-called ketone and carbon explosions.

Losing weight lasts!

In the process of diet control to reduce fat, we often set an ideal weight for ourselves as a goal, control our sugar intake within a certain period of time, and achieve this goal like a 100-meter sprint, thinking that we can put it on from now on. Wind self. As everyone knows, once you have such a mood, it is easy to lose five kilograms, but it is difficult to last ten months, and the weight does not lose but rises.

In addition, under the pressure of conformity that only sugar reduction is king, eating is obviously to enjoy delicious food to nourish the body, but it becomes a visible and invisible shadow, lingering. So, along with the story of the aunt, the second of Anshi’s series  Anshi’s Carbohydrate Cycle Diet was brewed.

Tired of losing weight?

My aunt is a legendary figure in the family. She was born in Tainan. She met an overseas Chinese student from Malaysia who came to Taiwan to study civil engineering when she was a student.

Her father,  was originally a noble son of a family of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in Shanghai. After Grandpa came to Taiwan, he sold fish in the early morning, sold ice in the afternoon, drove a taxi in the evening, and sold orchids during the holidays.

He supported five children, but he couldn’t afford his aunt’s dowry. In Nanyang, the husband and wife started from scratch in the past 40 years. They created an engineering kingdom in an unfamiliar country. Today, the rich have many descendants.

Lose Weight Fast

It’s a pity that the aunt’s blood vessels were stripped the year before. After that, her speech ability was impaired, and her body became rigid due to the illness. Every time I go back to Taiwan, my aunt doesn’t want anything but a bowl of glutinous rice dumplings from my childhood.

Although the doctor has repeatedly warned that cardiovascular disease requires less salt, less sugar and less oil, the hearty aunt will still come with a bowl full of wine and eggs. Tang Yuan, then put down the spoon, closed his eyes with satisfaction, took a long breath and said, I just want to take a bite of this, so I’ll be willing. Five-flowered horse, together with you, I will dissipate the sorrows of all ages. Life is full of pride.

When she was 70 years old, her younger brother, my great-uncle and grandfather, felt the same way. He said that when cardiovascular debridement was in the intensive care unit that year, people would pass by at any time, and he just wanted to eat a souffle.

Humans are animals that follow their moods. Uncles and grandpas have them, you have me, and I have them. Just thinking about the delicious taste that is deeply imprinted in my heart, why not let the mood cycle, as long as there is a way to eat and feel full, then start again. It is a continuation of the road, open and full of freedom.

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