A Good Figure Comes from Hard Work!

weight lossWith the rise of Korean style, the Korean stars in front of the screen are all slender, and their slender legs are very enviable, but what kind of life should you maintain if you want to have a perfect figure like a Korean actress?

Choi Jung-min, the younger sister of Korean actress Choi Jung-won, has published the book Eat Like a Korean Actress by closely observing her sister’s and other well-known artists’ eating habits to manage their body over the years, and her professional background as a nutritional cook.

The author believes that the good figures of Korean actresses come from hard work. She observed that their diets are actually no different from ordinary people. The only difference is that they are a little more diligent than others, and their lives are very regular. that is it. The so-called diligence is to maintain good living habits, so also put forward 10 attitudes to lose weight in the book Eating Like Korean Actresses:

  1. Eliminate stress first, in order to do more with less

Because once the body is under stress, the metabolism will decrease accordingly, which greatly reduces the weight loss effect. People who want to lose weight successfully in a short period of time are often prone to huge pressure. It is recommended to eat according to the weight loss diet six days of the week, and enjoy what you want to eat the other day, which is also a way to eliminate stress.

  1. Skillfully adopt a low-salt diet plan

Heavy taste is definitely the enemy of weight loss, but food without salty taste will quickly become boring. Therefore, if you want to maintain the weight loss effect, you should still have a little salt in your diet, and adopt a low-salt diet plan moderately within the possible range to maintain normal body activities and reduce stress.

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