Women Get Fat First! 5 Ways to Successfully Retract the Belly

slim and fit.No matter how thin your limbs are, if you have a big belly, and you are still a fat man, what should you do? All of this can be changed by doing the following.

Jump rope

The strength of skipping rope is very high, similar to running fast. Studies have shown that if a person jumps for 5 minutes at 140 times per minute, this intensity is equivalent to half an hour of jogging.

Compared with jogging, skipping rope can exercise your respiratory system and cardiovascular system more effectively. It can be done with only one rope, which is very suitable as a daily auxiliary exercise and make full use of fragmented time.

One hour of slow rope skipping can be about 500 kcal per hour. The subjects in the experiment were women, with an average of 110 catties, which is equivalent to losing at least half of the calories of a meal. If you are fatter than this average body, then the calories burned are much greater than 500 calories.

Develop exercise habits and normal work and rest

Increase the amount of exercise slowly and persevere more consistently. Many people who want to lose weight find exercise very painful. It is because they are too hasty and fail to grasp their physical state, and they are reluctant to perform excessive exercise. It is recommended that such people can use the principle of slowly increasing the amount of self-exercise works better. (For example: Take one more bus stop sign when you get off work, and then two, three… After slowly getting used to long distance walking, you can go to the park near your home and walk quickly, likewise slowly increase the fast walking distance. , And then start to try jogging and fast running.


Compared with sit-ups, abdominal crunches are safer, more scientific and more efficient. The movements are simple and there are no site restrictions. If you practice, it is recommended to do about 15 times at a time, and you can do a few more sets.

Eat less dinner

If you eat too much at dinner, it will cause intestines and stomach indigestion, which will cause fat to accumulate on your stomach. Over time, you will naturally grow excess fat and turn into an unsightly small belly. Therefore, in addition to eating lightly, every day’s dinner should be eaten as little as possible. If you don’t feel very hungry, eat 40% full, or drink another cup of yogurt to help digestion in your intestines.

Massage thin abdomen

Use rubbing to promote gastrointestinal motility, promote blood circulation, excrete metabolic waste from the body, and improve constipation. The massage method is centered on the belly button, put a question mark on the abdomen, massage along the question mark, first on the right side, then on the left side, each massage 30-50 times, massage once a day.


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