The Hottest Weight-Loss Exercise

Morning exerciseNowadays, five popular fitness sports are welcomed by urban women. They are kickboxing, taekwondo, step aerobics, Latin dance and yoga. This is related to their stressful life and the same stressful work as men. If you have similar Circumstances, then act quickly.

Fighting-lose weight quickly and effectively

Kickboxing was first founded by a black fighter, world champion. This sport mixes boxing, karate, taekwondo and some dance moves, and requires practitioners to punch and kick with music.

Kickboxing requires the perfect combination of speed and strength, which can consume a lot of calories. One hour of kickboxing can consume 600 calories and strengthen the muscles of the waist and abdomen. Continuous practice for 3 months can make the practitioner have a good endurance.

Step aerobics-the enjoyment of up and down rhythm

Pedal operation is a kind of aerobic aerobics, which requires practitioners to perform long-term, low-to-medium-intensity exercises with adequate oxygen supply. Because of the height of the pedal itself and the intensity of the exercise, it consumes more energy to complete the same action than on flat ground, which makes the legs stronger and the muscle lines more beautiful, which can effectively solve the problem of sagging buttocks.

Latin dance-shaping the perfect waist and hips

Latin dance can fully release emotions, reduce stress, improve physical flexibility, and strengthen cardiopulmonary function. The state of the human body when dancing Latin dance: The upper body, especially the shoulders, should be standing still, which is the embodiment of the white culture in Latin dance; the middle part of the body, including the waist and hips, should be twisted as much as possible, showing the lively and outgoing characteristics of African culture ; The dance movements of the lower body, legs and feet partly draw on Indian culture.

Taekwondo-find a master feel

Many people practice Taekwondo not only for physical fitness, but also for the word cool. The coach standing at one end held the foot target high up to the waist, the trainee jumped into the air after a few steps, and flew sideways to hit the foot target accurately. The seemingly thrilling action turned out to be a piece of cake in Taekwondo.

Yoga-soft body language

Yoga can be used to prevent and treat many diseases. When practicing yoga, the body can remain static for a period of time in a certain posture, to achieve the unity of the body and mind. Practicing yoga can balance the endocrine, the limbs of the body get a balanced development, even if the sleep time is not very long, it can maintain good physical strength.

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