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Reduce FatLosing weight is a major event in life. Whether it is to lose weight when you are young or ignorant, or to lose weight when you are old and self-examined to lose weight, everyone says that weight loss is healthier and better-looking. But after losing weight, there is often one place that does not look so ideal, and that is our old face. In fact, not to mention mature age.

Even middle-aged people regularly lose weight after losing weight. But why doesn’t the fat face become a melon face? Instead, the cheeks are concave, and the skin is loose and sagging, so it looks old.

The women were much lamented. We tried desperately to lose weight, but the body was not thinner to the ideal value, but the collagen on the face was too thin, and this thing was particularly obvious on the faces of older women.

For health or beauty, we accurately calculate how many kilograms we need to lose weight, where we need to lose weight, and confirm that BMI and body fat have reached the age standard number before we stop. But I never imagined that the side effect of losing weight is not only the clothes in the closet have to be repurchased, but even the skin care products have to be changed! Because of our original round face, because of weight loss, there will be several more problems:

  1. Sunken cheeks
  2. Saggy and sagging facial skin
  3. Increased wrinkles on the face

Why is this so? There are two possibilities. The first is a biased way to lose weight, that is, only relying on diet and not eating, but not cooperating with exercise, so the body fat and muscle will disappear at the same time. The skin that was originally supported by fat will turn into a loose skin, like a balloon deflated.

The second is to lose too much weight in a short period of time. The ideal weight loss should be 0.5 to 1 kg a week, but if you lose weight too fast, or use weight loss surgery such as liposuction, partial mastectomy or bypass surgery, you can lose weight in half a year. To 10-20 kg or more, not only the body is prone to large sagging skin and wrinkles, but also on the face.

A lot of fat on our body is not necessarily a bad thing. It will add points if we grow in the right place, such as women’s breasts, buttocks, and faces. Once you lose weight, the subcutaneous fat on your face will become less, the collagen will disappear, and your swollen face will turn into a concave face. You can really be 10 years old in an instant! If you lose weight for middle-aged people and want to avoid sagging and sunken face, you must follow several principles when you lose weight:

Principle 1. Weight loss requires diet + exercise + heavy training

Anyone with good exercise habits can realize that because exercise will make their skin more moisturized and elastic. This is because exercise can cause heat and perspiration, which can increase the metabolism of the skin and make the skin healthier. Therefore, in addition to the taboo to lose weight, in order to keep the face from being loose, it is necessary to rely on exercise to increase the blood circulation in the face.

Principle 2. Choose the right food, protein and good oil

High-protein foods can reduce fat and increase muscle mass, as well as beautify the skin. Chicken, eggs, tofu, soy milk, avocado, papaya, and other key foods include chicken skin, white fungus, bird’s nest, flower maw, Konrad, etc., which are all good ingredients for beautiful skin.

Also, do not eat without oil. Oil is a raw material that our skin needs very much. It can moisturize the skin and not dry it, and the skin will swell without wrinkles. We can eat good oil, but don’t eat oil-free dishes.

Principle 3. Tips and tricks in life

Since the face is sunken and drooping, of course you have to start with the face. In addition to strengthening the health of the skin and replenishing adequate nutrition, facial massage is a sincere recommendation from doctors!

The first trick double palm lift method

Put your palms together on your chin, place your index fingers on your lips, and your thumbs on your chin. Then separate your left and right hands and pull them along your chin to your ears, keeping your thumbs under your earlobes, and your index fingers at your temples on both sides.

Do this for 10 to 15 times in one direction. Do not pull back and forth to increase wrinkles. It is better to use facial massage oil or cream to massage and lift. The doctor herself not only performs maintenance at night, but also lifts it from time to time when she uses a computer to present a zombie face during the day, which is several times safer than a face lift.

Step 2 Fingertip tapping massage

Tap the acupuncture points with the tips of the second, third, and fourth fingers, covering the entire cheek below the eyes, in the ears, and above the chin. From the weeping and four whites at the moment, to the Yingxiang and giant scorpions next to the nose, the Xiaguan and zygomatic scorpions on the cheeks, and the cheek carts and big yings on the side of the face, and the warehouse on the lips, the above acupuncture points are all key point.

The 3rd trick sleeping position is mainly lying on the back

Keep lying on your back when you sleep, and don’t sleep on a pillow that is too high, and avoid squeezing your neck and chin into a pile. People who are accustomed to sleeping on the side are prone to wrinkles and sagging on one side of their face. In order to prevent the 8 hours of bedtime from causing gravity to cause one side of the face to droop, this trick is super simple and really helpful.

Young women lose weight. They often say that they lose weight, but their faces are still pie-faced. The elderly woman loses weight, but says that her face is thinner, but her body is still like a balloon. We are a group of beautiful women who can obviously rely on face quality, but have to work hard to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if the body is slightly fat, don’t let the sunken cheeks reveal your age!

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