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ExerciseMuscle cramps

Muscle cramps are commonly known as cramps, and some fast-paced, high-frequency movements are often done in the gym. For example: sports bikes, fighting gymnastics, etc., muscle cramps are prone to occur at this time, and the calf gastronomes is one of the muscles most prone to cramps.

  • Large perspiration. During vigorous exercise, the electrolyte balance in the body is disturbed due to a lot of sweating, and the sodium chloride content in the body is too low, which causes the excitability of muscles and nerves to increase and muscle cramps occur;
  • Muscle contraction disorders are due to rapid and continuous muscle contraction during exercise, and the relaxation time is short, and the muscles are prone to fatigue and cause cramps;
  • Cold stimulation: Muscles subject to cold stimulation can typically cause muscle cramps.

The solution: When cramps occur, don’t panic, as long as you pull the spasm muscles, it will be relieved in a few minutes. For example, when muscle spasms in the back of the calf, you can sit flat or lie on your back, straighten your knees, hold your feet with both hands, use the force of leaning forward to stretch the affected foot slowly, and use local muscle massage to promote muscle spasms. Of relief.

Abdominal pain during exercise

Abdominal pain during exercise refers to abdominal pain during or at the end of exercise, which occurs more frequently in long-term aerobic exercise.

Common causes: gastrointestinal spasm, liver and spleen congestion, rectus abdominal spasm, muscle hematoma, chronic abdominal disease.

Solution: When abdominal pain occurs during exercise, you should reduce your running speed, deepen your breathing to adjust the rhythm of breathing and exercise, and press on the painful area, the pain can often be reduced or disappeared. If the pain is still not relieved, exercise should be stopped, and if necessary, go to the hospital to determine the cause of the disease, and then make a diagnosis and treatment.

Sprained joint

Joint sprains are caused by sudden excessive twisting of the joints, twisting the ligaments and tendons attached to the joints. It is easy to appear in coordination and flexibility training classes such as fighting class and street dance class, and it mostly occurs in the ankle joint, knee joint and waist.

  • Inattention or insufficient warm-up;
  • Failure to control the range of motion well, which is caused by hyperextension of the joints.

Solution: For acute lumbar sprains, you need to lie on your back on the mat immediately, apply cold first, then hot compress;

When the ankle, knee, or wrists are sprained, raise the sprained area and apply cold compresses for 2 to 3 days before applying heat. If the sprained area is swollen, the skin is bruised and painful, you can use half a catty of old vinegar to simmer and dip the wound with a towel, 2 to 3 times a day, 10 minutes each time.

Muscle strain

Muscle strain is an injury caused by torn muscle fibers. It is mainly caused by over-exercise or insufficient warm-up. You can know the severity of the injury according to the degree of pain, and stop exercising as soon as you experience pain.

  • Continue to do heavy strength training when the muscles are very tired, and muscle strains are prone to occur;
  • Insufficient warm-up before exercise.

Solution: When the muscle is strained, immediately apply ice cubes or cold towel to the pain point and keep it for 30 minutes to constrict the small blood vessels and reduce local congestion and edema. Avoid rubbing and hot compresses. If you are only slightly aching after leaving the gym, you can take a hot bath or aromatherapy to relieve your symptoms.

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