6 Habits to Lose Weight Faster

Flat BellyI will introduce some daily tips to teach you how to make yourself thinner faster at home, at work, or when you go out. These little habits seem simple, but there is a world of difference between doing and not doing.

  1. Buy a big mirror and look at yourself at any time

Because of the ostrich mentality, people don’t want to look in the mirror when they get fat, making us reluctant to face the reality. I used to be like this.

Even if the waist is thicker and the belt is tighter, I pretend not to see it, and comfort myself: It doesn’t look much worse. It’s only a little fatter. It is precisely because we refuse to face the reality that we will treat ourselves more and more. The fact of being fat lacks vigilance. In the end, obesity is like a flood breaking through a dike, out of control.

Since I am interested in losing weight, I think I should look for a big mirror to see what I look like from beginning to end.

  1. Measure your weight every morning.

Get fat on the same day and lose weight on the same day. After preparing the big mirror, the next important thing is to get used to weighing every day.

Some people lose their weights because they are unwilling to face the reality. In fact, this is unwise. If you want to lose weight, you must objectively evaluate your posture. For example, grab the fat on your belly to confirm how much fat you have gained.

Because the amount of food you eat in the morning and afternoon can easily affect your weight at night. For example, as long as you drink more alcohol or eat more salty and spicy food, people will immediately swell, and the number on the scale will become larger and larger. However, after getting up the next day, go to the bathroom first, and you will find that you are thin again.

Therefore, I advocate that the weight in the morning is the real weight of a person. Therefore, even if the weight in the morning is only a little heavier than the morning before, it is a warning sign of getting fat.

Take myself as an example, if I measure my weight in the morning, it will be a little more than the day before. It may just be edema, but regardless of the reason for the weight gain, I insist on fat that day, think that day.

Such as reducing the intake of salt and sugar, eliminating edema, or not eating snacks. Sometimes you can do a little exercise to burn calories.

Instead of losing weight after gaining 3 kilograms, it is better to make corrections immediately when a little fatter, which is easier and more trouble-free.

  1. Get up regularly to improve metabolism

What time to get up at first glance, it seems that it has nothing to do with weight loss, but in fact it has a big relationship. The human body’s biological clock is originally made at sunrise and rest at sunset. The one that controls this biological clock is the clock genes.

Studies have shown that in daily life, as long as you know how to cooperate with the rhythm of the clock genome, you can increase your metabolism, increase muscle mass and reduce fat, and promote protein production.

Therefore, as long as you go to bed early, get up early, get up at a fixed time, sunbathe, etc., you can restore the clock genome to normal.

Be careful, as long as you wake up 2 hours later than usual on vacation, it may make your clock genes slow. When the clock genome is out of balance, people can’t lose weight, or they can easily affect the quality of sleep due to fatigue.

  1. Small clothes incentive method, build a thinner image faster

I guess many people have a lot of beautiful memories in their wardrobes—size S clothes that can’t fit. Now is the time to make these clothes see again. Because I think that imagining that I can wear these clothes again is the best motivation for weight loss.

These smaller clothes are best placed in a conspicuous place, so that you can motivate yourself at any time, and you can try them on at any time.

  1. Keep your head up and choose a chair without a back

However, if you sit still all day, not only will you have poor blood circulation, stiff shoulders or low back pain, but you may also be obese or suffer from civilization diseases.

There is a survey in Australia: People who sit for more than 11 hours a day have a 40% higher death rate than those who sit for less than 4 hours. Therefore, I suggest that people who sit still for a long time can do a little work in the sitting position. Avoid these problems.

Like the nature of my job, I sit still all day. Therefore, I must choose a chair without a backrest so that I can straighten my back.

This is because our head is not light. An adult weighs at least 5 kilograms, which is equivalent to a bowling ball. In other words, the weight of the body supporting the head is actually very different when sitting on the back of the chair and when the waist is straightened.

Sitting on a chair with a backrest, although our back rests on the back of the chair, our head will tilt forward, which will cause a burden on the shoulders and necks. On the other hand, a straight waist rod is more in line with the human body structure, and can use the strength of the shoulders to the back to support the head. This sitting position not only relieves neck pressure, but also eliminates shoulder stiffness.

  1. Drink ice water after bathing to improve metabolism

After taking a shower, especially after taking a bath, people tend to lose water due to sweating.

I am accustomed to drinking a glass of cold water to add moisture, but ice water is better. Some people may have questions about this, but I think you need to drink cold water if you want to lose weight.

This is like boiling water. It is the same to boil water, and warm water and hot water require different heat energy.

In drinking warm water, the human body does not need to consume calories to maintain a normal body temperature; however, if drinking cold water, the human body needs to consume a lot of calories to keep the body temperature at 37 degrees Celsius.

Burning calories depends on burning sugar and fat in the body. Therefore, I recommend drinking cold water after bathing or exercising to improve our metabolism.

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