How Can We Not Gain Weight?

How Can We Not Gain Weight?There are pros and cons to the judgment of eating breakfast, but I still recommend that you eat breakfast. Eating breakfast can improve metabolism and activate internal organs. Especially women who are prone to constipation, eating breakfast can stimulate gastrointestinal motility.

Moreover, it is conducive to avoid eating snacks and avoid excessive lunch. In order to concentrate on work in the morning, breakfast is also very beneficial.

No more than one pasta a day

Pasta is a food made from wheat flour. For example, bread, pasta, upon, ramen, etc. These foods will cause the blood sugar level to rise and the glycolic index to increase, which can easily lead to obesity. In addition, pasta is mainly flour, vegetables, and protein content is low.

These are all popular foods, but it is recommended to have a meal of pasta at most as an opportunity to re-evaluate the diet. Because high-calorie foods tend to cause long meat on the waist.

Eat vegetables and meat in equal amounts

Why are Korean women mostly slim? On the one hand, it is because eating enough meat, and eating meat wrapped in vegetables. Of course, fermented foods such as kamahi and capsaicin such as chili are also useful. Eating the same amount of vegetables while eating meat can avoid overeating.

Diet sequence that is not prone to obesity

Starting with vegetables can suppress the rise in blood sugar level and is not easy to grow fat. Soup is easy to satisfy, and it is effective to eat it early when eating. Try to develop the habit of ingesting plant fiber in advance.

Have dinner 3 hours before bedtime

Since ancient times, people have generally believed that going to bed immediately after eating can lead to obesity, and it is not conducive to sleep quality. Even so, it was too late to go home when I was busy, and it was too miserable to go to bed hungry. Therefore, those who can eat at the company can eat rice balls and bento in the evening, and drink hot soup after returning home. If not, reduce carbohydrates and eat more vegetables and protein-rich foods. Keep it at six minutes full, and have a full meal the next morning, so that it is not easy to gain weight.

Drink more water

Drinking water or aqueous solutions can speed up the body’s metabolism, eliminate toxins, not only quickly lose weight, but also effectively solve the problem of dry skin. Drinking enough water can help the body’s metabolic cycle. However, be careful not to drink carbonated water, it will cause the body to take in too much calories

Winter weight loss points

  1. Analyze the causes of obesity

This is very important. Some people are obese because of eating (such as me, because I can eat too much during long periods of body), some people are because of the effect of drug hormones, and some people are born with a strong gastrointestinal absorption capacity. It is necessary to make a good weight loss plan after analyzing your own reasons. A weight loss plan that suits you is very necessary. Of course, I want to emphasize that if you have a standard figure, don’t lose weight. It’s not good to be too thin. Really, men don’t like scrawny women. Women who are more sensual are the most moving. .

  1. Move more and stand more

MM who wants to lose weight, please remember one sentence: can stand and never sit, can sit and never lie down, can lie down and never fall asleep. Foreign studies have shown that standing for 5 hours a day can reduce the incidence of diabetes and hypertension. Some countries even use the way of standing students in class. Think about it, can you still sit and live?

  1. Reduce your diet

Eating too much or being full for 10 minutes is very unhealthy, so let the beauty-loving MM come with me to control the diet. First of all, what I advocate is a healthy way to lose weight. It is by no means to skip meals hungry, nor to eat a small amount of food, but to eat a healthy diet. You can eat 6-8 points full, if you can’t control it. I will eat a lot. It is recommended to change to a smaller bowl to serve the rice. Don’t add it after eating. This is fine. You don’t need to control the dishes. Eat as usual. Don’t embarrass yourself. Weight loss is a step-by-step process, not a day. It succeeded in two days.

You know, our stomachs are stretchable. I used to eat too much to support my stomach, so I don’t feel full every time I eat too much. After a month or two of controlled diet, you will find that, if you eat a lot of things, your stomach can no longer fit, because your stomach has become smaller, so you have already begun to succeed. Many times, we can’t control our mouths, so don’t embarrass yourself and just eat, but remember that you eat more calories and less calories at the next meal. If it doesn’t work, then divide the cake and food you want to eat in two, half hide it, and the other half to relieve gluttons, then you can cut your intake by half, which is a small step to success.

  1. Don’t be too harsh on yourself

Don’t be too harsh on your diet. This will cause you to eat and drink after losing weight. Just remember that you have taken in calories and reduce calories at other times. Of course, girls like deep-fried sweets, so it doesn’t matter if you eat some in moderation, just don’t overdo it. In addition, many reports say that more fruits and vegetables should be eaten, and I am affirmative, but it is worth noting that you should eat moderate amounts of fruits instead of fruits as your main food. In fact, eating too much fructose in fruits will also cause fat accumulation. Yes, under the premise of normal eating, it is best to eat an apple a day and some other fruits.

  1. Use weight loss recipes with caution

To be honest, I have never used weight-loss recipes, read countless recipes, weight-loss soups, etc., but I am too lazy and too greedy. When I think about eating dishes that are boiled in clear soup and boiled in water, I lose my appetite. In the end give up. .. In fact, from my own experience, I don’t recommend that you use those recipes. Isn’t it healthier to maintain a normal diet? Without these, we can still lose weight easily and happily. Why not?

Of course, you can recommend some foods for weight loss. For example, you can occasionally replace the usual rice noodles with corn, buckwheat and other grains. You can eat more celery, cucumbers and tomatoes. For meat, try to eat chicken and beef with fewer calories, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat staple foods, drink plenty of barley tea, green tea, black tea, it’s good, really, that’s good, don’t torture yourself any more, eat those diets that are not nutritious and have no appetite, and a happy weight loss mentality is the most important thing.

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