Fat During for Weight Loss

Do you really understand fat? Fat is the energy storage substance of the human body, and it can be obtained from meat, dairy products and vegetable oil in daily diet. Each gram of fat can provide about 9,000 calories. Simply put, we can get more than 10,000 calories by eating a tablespoon of oil, which is equivalent to 5-6 bowls of rice. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and shape your body, we must control the intake of fat.

How to consume fat when losing weight?

Both meat foods and vegetable oils are very rich in fats. When losing weight, no matter what kind of fat source and what kind of fat (saturated fat and unsaturated fat), you need to strictly control the intake because they provide the energy is equivalent, which has an effect on changes in body weight.

How to consume fat during fitness period?

When exercising, it is necessary to properly control the intake of fat, but in comparison, animal fat can be taken in slightly more. This is because the main purpose of fitness is to shape the body and increase muscle density, and the growth of muscle fibers requires some animals. Fat provides energy. In order not to affect the fitness effect, it is best not to control fat intake too strictly.

How to consume fat in daily life is the healthiest?

In order to protect the health of blood vessels and heart, it is best to use vegetable oils and fish as the main diet in your daily diet. Fats are consumed through them. These foods are rich in protein and have a high content of unsaturated fats, which helps to clean up the body. Cholesterol is more beneficial to health.

When is the best time to consume fat?

If it is for weight loss and health, it is usually best to consume fat at breakfast and lunch, eat meat or food cooked with oil, and it is not recommended to consume too much fat at dinner; if it is to consolidate the fitness effect, avoid it at the same time Excess fat is absorbed by the body and affects the body. It is recommended to eat foods with higher fat content before exercise or 2 hours after exercise.

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