Successful and Sustainable Weight Loss

Staying Fit at homeThree decisive factors for successful and sustainable weight loss. We all know that being overweight is not good for our health. However, many weight loss diets are also to be viewed critically and mostly not really sustainable. Based on my own and professional experience, I can clearly state the really decisive factors for sustainable weight loss:

Well, these three success factors are neither groundbreaking at first glance, nor are they recognizable new findings. You may even feel stimulated to contradict factors 1 and 2. Go ahead! I will shed light on the three factors in great detail in the next few blocks. In this block I am more concerned with the fact that the order of the three statements and their inseparable combination are decisive.

Be yourself and don’t bend over! Most of us have tried many diets or programs. Did you help in the long term, and have you maintained your personal target weight for many years? If so, congratulations! You have then probably found a path that fits very well with your preferences and philosophy of life. Because only a nutritional adjustment or change in which I don’t have to bend can I last for a long time, and maybe even permanently.

And that brings us to my provocative second success factor: A calorie is a calorie! With regard to the first factor, this simply means: prefer to eat a little less and generally more controlled than something completely different and new . If I like to eat pasta, bread or potatoes, the low carb approach or that of a protein diet will not help me in the long run. In principle, I am simply not allowed to consume more calories per day or per week than I consume in total. If I want to lose weight, then of course it has to be significantly less! Now it just depends on how much less of what – without losing my fun!

I can clearly achieve the fastest success through the size of the calorie difference. But you can already see in the beginning that the more I have to do without, the faster there is the risk of becoming inconsistent. This brings us to the third decisive factor: It doesn’t work without strength and endurance training! This is what regulates us! Success lies in the awareness of which culinary sin requires how much training effort to compensate.

So stay yourself, get to know your daily and weekly calorie requirements, and develop a secure feeling for the effort necessary to quickly compensate for a culinary sin.

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