Lose Weight with Exercise

Many people mainly do sport in order to be able to eat more without gaining weight – or in order to lose weight in a targeted manner.

Of course, you want to see successes as quickly as possible. It is therefore worth taking a look at which sporting disciplines has the greatest fat burn effect.

It is also important to know, however, that exercise alone will make it difficult to achieve (greater) weight loss. Many overestimate the calorie consumption and then reward themselves with extra food.

True to the motto Abs is made in the kitchen, you also have to adjust your diet. This is and still will be the greatest lever to declare war on unloved pounds.

  1. Biking or cycling

Cycling is the perfect endurance training for nature lovers. The calorie consumption is approx. 412 calories per hour.

Here, too, it is advisable to do additional strength training for the abdominal and back muscles, as the leg muscles are mainly used and the unfamiliar sitting posture can quickly lead to back and neck pain for newcomers.

Correct seat height adjustment helps to prevent this. The leg should be almost straight when the pedal is at bottom dead center. Biking is a little more time-consuming than jogging, but it is varied because you can go further and thus see more.

  1. Spinning

For everyone who wants to pedal regardless of the weather, there are smart indoor bike solutions, such as those from Peloton or Schwann.

Indoor cycling has been a huge hype for a few years now! There are currently many courses under different names and with different focuses: spinning, indoor cycling or spin racing, for example.

Such indoor cycling courses with motivating beats and additional units with shadow boxes or dumbbells are like an intense HIIT workout. You train your body from head to toe!

The calorie consumption during spinning naturally depends on your fitness level, your body weight and the duration of the exercise. But as an orientation: A 75 kilogram person who is trained on average burns approx. 600 kcal in 60 minutes – and thus as many as with brisk running!

  1. Cross fit

According to researchers from Kennesaw State University, a cross fit session burns up to 13 calories per minute – and that without additional weights.

Pull-ups, push-ups, and squats are popular cross fit exercises that are particularly effective.

  1. High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT stands for short, high-intensity exercise phases that alternate with short recovery phases. With this type of exercise, you force your body to burn calories for a long time, even after your exercise is long gone.

The reason for this is the after burn effect: the greater the difference between your metabolism at rest and that during training, the longer your body needs to shut down again and the more calories it burns on the way back to normal.

700 to 800 calories are burned every hour! Accordingly, a short, intensive training session is also very worthwhile.

  1. Boxing

During a training session in the boxing course, you can get rid of up to 800 calories (guideline for a person weighing 70 kilograms).

In classic boxing, but also in Thai or kickboxing, you have to use a lot of strength, train your speed and your condition like in hardly any other workout.

Away from the ring, you not only fight against an imaginary opponent, but also very successfully against excess fat deposits.

6. Step aerobics

Step aerobics is only for mothers or girlie? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The workout with the stepper is a very effective way of burning calories (up to 700 kCal per hour) – and not at all without it.

The combination of different steps and construction techniques challenges the head and trains the entire leg and gluteus muscles, as well as the core. Plus your condition!

Find a course that suits your level. Even if you otherwise do a lot of sport, the steps can quickly become overwhelming.

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