Lose 10 Kilos without Exercise

Fitness tipsDo you want to lose up to 10 kilos without exercising? In this article you will learn how to burn excess fat by eating differently and making lifestyle adjustments. Without feeling of hunger or yo-yo effect.

In this article you will discover that it is possible to lose up to 10 kilos without exercising, starving or following a strict diet.

We give you 7 tips that will help you discover how you can effectively change your diet. So you get the right nutrients and at the same time fewer calories.

As a result, there is a good chance that you will burn more energy than you use. Exactly what weight loss is all about.

It is difficult to predict how many kilos per week you will lose and how fast you will lose weight. But if you follow the tips and guidelines in this article, you’ll lose weight and discover that eating differently doesn’t have to be a punishment!

Tip 1: Eat fewer carbohydrates

If you want to lose weight, you need to take in fewer calories than you burn. You get calories from:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • fats

You can of course consume fewer calories in many ways. The obvious thing to do is to reduce the amount of fat, because fat with 9 calories per gram provides the most energy.

But various studies show that eating fewer carbohydrates in particular has beneficial effects in weight loss.

Tip 2: Cook yourself and prepare your food

It is well known that eating too much sugar is not good for you. Not only is it bad for your teeth, it also hinders weight loss and increases the chance of being overweight.

Yet sugar consumption has increased enormously. Whereas in the early 18th century we only ate and drank 1.8–2.7 kg of sugar per person per year, that estimate for Western countries is now between 68 and 77 kg per person per year!

So unnoticed you get a lot of sugar (and salt) when you often eat or drink these types of foods.

Tip 3: Experiment with juices and smoothies

Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals and few calories. All vegetables are good if you want to lose 10 kilos.

Variation is the key word here. Don’t just vary by choosing different varieties. But alternate eating vegetables with drinking homemade vegetable juices and smoothies.

By pressing vegetables into a juice, you absorb the vitamins and other healthy nutrients into your body very quickly. The juice contains almost no calories, but it does satisfy your hunger.

Tip 4: Make sure you have healthy snacks at hand

Losing 10 kilos and maintaining weight is easier if you omit unhealthy choices. That sounds logical, but research also shows. Cutting out unhealthy foods is one of the best predictors of permanent weight loss.

Of course, sometimes you just need snacks. Ignoring that feeling is very difficult.

Tip 5: Weigh yourself regularly

Do you also find it exciting to step on the scale? Afraid that you haven’t lost a kilo, or even gained some weight?

It is normal for your weight to fluctuate. Many things affect how many pounds you weigh. For example, the time of the day or the time of the month. It is also normal that weight loss in the first weeks goes faster than over time.

In fact, research shows that daily weighing can have a positive effect on weight loss.

Don’t be discouraged when the scale shows a different number than you would have liked. And don’t think ‘I might as well give up, because I haven’t lost a kilo yet’.

Just keep eating healthy and trust the process. If you use more energy for a longer period of time than you take in, you will automatically burn all your excess body fat. Do you want to know what your weight means and whether you have a healthy BMI?

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