How Many Calories Per Day?

Lose WeightHow many calories can I eat per day? and How many you eat and exercise. But: the right number of carbohydrates / sugars is a much more important factor in your diet than the number of calories.

When you do not eat too many carbohydrates and mainly choose proteins, healthy fats and fiber, your body feels much better when you are really hungry and you automatically get the right amount of energy.

So you don’t have to count calories, but it is good to have a rough idea of ​​how much energy you need.

How many calories and therefore energy you need per day to function depends mainly on your gender, age and how much you exercise.

Here are the Calories guidelines:

Women 19 to 30 years Men 19 to 30 years

Sitting profession: 2000 Sitting profession: 2400

Little movement: 2000 – 2200 Little movement: 2600 – 2800

Very active: 2400 Very active: 2800 – 3000

Women 31 to 50 years Men 31 to 50 years

Sitting profession: 1800 Sitting profession: 2200

Little movement: 2000 Little movement: 2400 – 2600

Very active: 2200 Very active: 2800 – 3000

Women 51 years and older Men 51 years and older

Sitting profession: 1600 Sitting profession: 2000

Little movement: 1800 Little movement: 2200 – 2400

Very active: 2000 – 2200 Very active: 2400 – 2800

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